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Are you fond of sharing your personal experiences and stories – you are welcome to contribute and submit a guest post on CareerBands bringing forth your great ideas which are relevant and enthralling for our readers. We are always thrilled to accept guest post submissions that are relevant, inspiring, up-to-the-minute, and interesting. You don’t need a formal qualification but just the passion to share your Career advice and coaching expertise to involve our audiences.


Fresh, relatable, and original stories and experiences you encountered during your job

Expert advice regarding your work journey that helped you in getting comfortable with several industry aspects and climbing the career ladder

Articles that may educate our readers with the latest and less-known technology in the HR field

Quick tips which the readers can take benefit of – suggestions, facts, and guidelines which the professionals can follow and bear fruit

A good piece of writing with strong and relevant words in a conversational tone so that the readers relish reading your content


Content irrelevant to our niche

Duplicate content. We accept and respect first-hand content and discourage replica articles

“Too casual or too formal wordings”

Article with redundant spelling and grammar slipups

Content that overly promotes any company, product, or brand

Mundane topics which have already been talked about so much

QUICK TIPS | Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Add bullet points

Keep the article’s word limit in between 1200 and 2500 Words

Irrelevant links and keyword stuffing is very much discouraged

Utilize headings and sub-headings so the readers/ visitors are at ease to follow the content in the guest post

The topic should be well-thought and descriptive. An upright topic is the one that stimulates its readers and is likely to be searched by the target audience

Short and clear sentences

Our site’s relevant topics are: Career development, Resume writing tips, Interview Guidance, Job Searching, Cover letter, Self-Development, Success Stories, Career Management, Networking, and LinkedIn. We are sorry to accept any guest posts outside our topic sphere

You are encouraged to include credible statistics, images, videos, info-graphs which are permissible to be shared – kindly include the references.


Ready to write for us? Fab! Email us at info@careerbands.com with your topic idea and 5-8 lines explaining its purpose/ objective, and “we will get back to you”


We take a minimum time of two weeks after approving writer’s sent articles

We do not pay/ remunerate against the articles thus published

The published articles are website property

The website has the right to delete/ minorly edit the approved articles – the writer cannot claim the website’s activity.