LinkedIn InMail Templates for Job Seekers


A professional platform joined by millions of job seekers, recruiters, and businesses to share information, evolve, and improve – LinkedIn is the only platform (till now) onboard helping professionals to network and grab fine opportunities for themselves. Moreover, the post-pandemic lifestyle has further boosted the importance of this networking site to create and improve through virtual connections.

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LinkedIn has 740 million members and 44% of LinkedIn population $75,000/ year.

Benefits of LinkedIn

Like-Minded People In a week, an average person surfs 59 hours on the internet. (2021)

Statistics like these reveal the web usage trend in the common public. Therefore, the significance of such a professional platform can’t be neglected to search, connect, and converse with people of your target field.

If you are a recruiter, you may catch an ultimate applicant. A business may find a suitable partner or mentor. A job seeker can unlock an employment opportunity for himself.
ResearchEven if you are not job hunting, this app allows you to discover the latest trends, read industry news, and know-how people with similar fields are performing their duties.

Because keeping yourself updated is extremely crucial and beneficial long term.
Share your WorkLinkedIn members post 130,000 articles in a week.

If you’ve written a new blog or an article – share it on LinkedIn to get more traffic and subsequently more sales.

Furthermore, blog engagement is also a good sign that you take this platform seriously.
advantages of LinkedIn

There are countless LinkedIn features and tools – upgrading from time to time – to serve the LinkedIn members with fruitful results like Polls, LinkedIn Live, Message Scheduling, and LinkedIn InMail.

What does InMail mean on LinkedIn?

A basic/ free LinkedIn account lets you send messages to connections only. The message option is blocked if you try to type for someone who is not your connection. “LinkedIn InMail however, lets you send messages to the 2nd and 3rd level connections”.

InMail meaning on LinkedIn is that you are not restricted to be connected to this stranger you want to chat with.

  • You can receive InMail messages with a basic account.

Different subscription packages have a different InMail message count.

In comparison with Emails, LinkedIn InMails are 30% more operational.

InMail messages have two parts:

  • Subject Line – up to 200 characters
  • Message Body – up to 1900 characters

What is the difference between InMail and message on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn messages are sent to somebody you have connected with previously. Whenever you desire to send one, go to their profile and click the message option.

On the other hand, LinkedIn InMail lets you send the message – cold call – to a LinkedIn stranger. These messages are received by the recipient with the label i.e. ‘InMail’ – for his/ her convenience to differentiate among the regular and InMail messages.

Which one is better?

It DEPENDS! If you have joined the platform to read articles, explore content – you won’t need InMail. A premium account would help someone reach a stranger. Though, InMail messages don’t promise a response rate.

Later are some tips to increase this chance.

10-25% is the average response rate to a LinkedIn InMail.

Is InMail Effective?

InMail’s open rate is 30% on an average.

How effective is LinkedIn InMail? You may not be connected to this specific LinkedIn member you want to contact via LinkedIn InMail for whatever reason. It can be beneficial in many ways:

InMail AnalyticsWhen you send an InMail, you can check its results via InMail Analytics. This can help you count the total number sent monthly, message effectiveness, and progress.

The analytics page helps you make a better strategy next time to avoid rejections.
Connection RequestA free LinkedIn account obliges connection requests for messages.

InMail requires no such request. A fine conversation can yield a valuable connection later.
InMail Credit RewardIf the InMail receiver responds to your message within the time span of 90 days, you get InMail credits as a reward.

Each InMail credit costs $10, so this reward is a pretty good deal.
Job CandidatesIf you are a recruiter/ hiring manager, you can directly contact a potential and good fit employee for your organization/ business.
How effective is LinkedIn InMail

How does InMail work on LinkedIn?

To send a LinkedIn InMail, follow the following steps:

  1. “Search for the person you would want to reach out to. Click his/ her profile and click the message button”.
  2. Upgrading dialogue box would open if you are a basic LinkedIn plan user. You would be asked to choose from available subscription types: Premium, Sales Navigator, etc.
  3. Compose the InMail message. Experts advise keeping it concise and interesting. Your composed InMail must communicate the purpose, of your message, in a semi-formal manner.
  4. The subject line has 200 characters. A good and to-the-point subject line leads to better response rates.

Click Send.

“Don’t forget to alter and proofread messages before sending them.

LinkedIn InMail Tips

Your InMail Agenda

What has led you to send an InMail? Scheme your message, try keeping the tone conversational and not pushy. You can’t communicate as: ‘hire me,’ ‘I want a job.’ But you can always mold your words to tell why this person/ organization interests you, and how your skills/ education can help them out.

An example of the message to hiring manager on LinkedIn would be discussed later.

Show some Personality

Your InMail should sound as if you yourself have written it and not a computer software or language freak. This personal touch which makes the reader feel engaged is what boosts chances of a good idyllic response.

A light, not-cheesy, approachable, (sometimes – wherever appropriate) mildly humored tone can be experimented with – to get good consequences.

Concise and Direct

Brief subject lines and brief message body lends best outcomes if you are able to convey in fine words.

InMails under 400 characters perform 41% better than the longer LinkedIn InMails.

Be Natural

Without being overly casual, try to personalize your InMail message. Add a detail that clearly speaks out that you have been following this person and his posts for quite a while now. Write the message so that the reader feels that this message was written and edited for him/ her only.

Sample InMail to hiring manager below would describe this tip further.

Persuasive and Strong Closing

You have to find a way between a loudmouthed and weak/ boring closing.


  • “Looking forward to getting in touch with you.
  • Do let me know if you have time this week.”

Former is okay but later is time driven.

InMail Timing

Your performance in composing InMail was just perfect but if timing is not perfect – chances are that your message is ignored or gets hidden under a pile of other InMails of the recipient.

You can experiment with the timing and see what time/ day gets the highest response rate. Typically, Mondays (b/w 9a.m. and 10 p.m.) lends good responses and Saturdays contribute to the weakest responses.

Best InMail messages

While messaging a hiring manager on LinkedIn, a good LinkedIn mail is the one that starts strong – is persuasive, interesting, and tailored. From the subject line to the body to the closing of the message, the InMail should be relevant and concise.

What is InMail credits in LinkedIn?

LinkedIn InMail credits is the number of InMail messages that you can send. You may check this number on the premium subscription page.

If you have forwarded an InMail, you can’t send another message until they answer back to the previous message.     

LinkedIn InMail Cost and LinkedIn InMail credits per month

Both, cost of LinkedIn InMail and credit numbers, vary on the package you have bought.

Account TypeInMail CreditsInMail Cost
Free Account0Free
Premium Career5$29.99 per month
Premium Business15$59.99 per month
Sales Navigator20$79.99 per month
Sales Navigator Team30$134.99 per month
Recruiter Lite30$2,399 per year
Recruiter150$8,999 per year
LinkedIn InMail cost

Get more InMail credits on LinkedIn

If you have not utilized all credits of your package in a month, you can consume them for up to three months. To get more, the cost is $10 each, and the minimum limit of spending on additional LinkedIn InMail credits is $100.

LinkedIn InMail message examples

LinkedIn template for job seekers

Ideal and abundant template message to LinkedIn recruiter is the one which clearly displays its agenda being polite, relevant, and summarizing. The grounds could be:

  • To inquire if the advertised position is still vacant
  • To discover internship opportunities
  • To let a recruiter know you submitted an application for a vacant position in his/ her company
  • To inquire more about the advertised position
  • To find out if there is any position available

LinkedIn InMail templates for job seekers:

To inquire more of the advertised position

Dear Mike Grace,

Kindly excuse my reaching out unintroduced. Recently, I came over a job ad for Article Writing at YYY Company’s LinkedIn business page. Since you are the Head of the Article Writing Department, I am sure you can answer my question regarding this position.

Do you know if remote employees can apply for this job?

Thanks in advance,

James Bieber

To inquire if the advertised position is still vacant

Dear Maria Thomas,

I saw the ZZZ store’s LinkedIn job board advertisement for Social Media Assistant. I am hoping to apply for this position though I observed that the advertisement was posted three weeks ago. I doubted if the position is still untaken.

“Many thanks for your time in answering my question”. I would be very much interested to apply if the position is still empty.

Yours sincerely,

Nora Gomez

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