Difference Between Resume Summary and Objective


If you’re all set to build your resume yourself and can’t decide whether a resume objective or resume summary would work for you, reading this blog would be your best bet! Most people may see resume summary and objective as just an opening description of a resume but believe us, it’s more than that. In this blog, you will understand the difference between resume summary and objective and get an insight on how to write a good resume and resume summary to increase your chances of passing the ATS, so let’s dive in!

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Resume Summary Vs. Objective

A resume summary outlines your experience and skills to highlight your accomplishments. It builds a powerful impact on your resume to capture the sight of the employer. People usually opt for this if they have 2-3 years of work experience.

While a resume objective entails the goals and objectives that you look forward to in an organization. It reflects your ambitions, passion, purpose, and career goals. Fresh graduates who do not have much experience commonly use this in their resumes.

What is a Good Summary for a Resume?

A good summary statement delivers all the relevant information regarding the expertise and work experience, which briefly captures the employer’s attention. An intriguing summary statement is the one that features your skills and work experience precisely and accurately provides a synopsis of your capabilities to the potential employer and to an applicant tracking system software. It basically sums up all the necessary information you need to showcase to set you apart from your competitors.

Examples of Resume Summary Statement

Here are some examples of resume summary statements you can use in your resume:

  • An aspirant chartered accountant having experience of 10 years in the field of Audit. With extensive experience in the field of Audit in Big 4 firms, I see myself as an emerging leader and an audit specialist.
  • Energetic and well-organized office assistant with 4+ years of experience in business organizations. Highly skilled at organizing and dealing with challenging tasks and intent to promote and support ABC Inc. with my diversified skillset.
  • Friendly and outgoing receptionist carrying strong verbal and written communication skills. Having experience of 10 years in this role, I have gained fluency in Arabic and English Language, enabling me to interact with a broad portfolio of stakeholders.
  • Trustable cashier with five years of experience looking forward to employing top-class organizational and interpersonal skills to boost controls at ABC Inc.
  • Dedicated, compassionate, calm, and level-headed nurse with 12 years of working experience with HIV/AIDS Patients. Proven ability to deal with difficult patients with strong communication and relationship-building skills.
  • Certified Financial analyst with five years of experience in the financial department. Specialist in executing efficient accounting procedures and maintaining Financial records.
  • A business grad with six years in Sales and a proven track record for exceeding expectations and increasing profits. I am a passionate Sales Manager working at 123 Corporation with a history of being awarded as Best Salesman of the Year for three consecutive years.
  • Carrying 10 years of Industrial experience in finance, I am currently associated with IBA as a Finance Lecturer for the past 5 years.

Importance of Resume Summary

As mentioned above, the core purpose of a resume summary is to capture the attention of an employer. The goal is to leave a favorable impression that attracts the reader to divulge in your resume. As we all know, hiring managers go through tons of resumes, so they don’t stay on every resume for more than 6-10 seconds. Hence, a resume summary signifies an overview of the work experience and abilities that highlight your resume and catch the hiring manager’s eye instantly.

How to Write a Resume Summary

A resume summary exhibits your experience and abilities and, skills in a manner that intrigues the employer enough to continue reading your resume. Therefore, it is quite necessary to write a resume summary accurately. Here are some tips to jot down a proficient and competent resume summary.

  • Firstly, contemplate the necessary skills and core abilities related to the position you are applying for.
  • Then, begin with your title of position and experience in the industry, and mention your relevant knowledge and skills to highlight your potential.
  • Showcase your valuable addition to the organization.
  • Lastly, proofread your summary and make sure it is attractive enough to keep the employer reading.

Is the Objective Necessary on a Resume?

Adding an objective summary in a resume is generally considered as outdated and unnecessary. An objective summary usually emphasizes your career objectives and your interest in the position that you are applying for in an organization. However, the employer is already aware that you are interested in the job role, which does not really impress the employer today. The employer would rather skip the objective, and your resume will end up in a no-pile. If you’re new to the workforce, try to replace a career objective with a resume summary of two to three lines that focus on what an employer wants you to do instead of your career goals to keep them reading your resume.

So, whether you’re a seasoned professional, a freshie, or somewhere in between, following the steps mentioned above would maximize your chances to get an interview you’re dreaming of.

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