How to Get a Job Immediately


Getting a new job fast may pickle but it is not beyond your wildest dreams for sure! You may be a fresh graduate, recently got fired, done with a stressful job, perhaps. Whatever the situation, we have gathered 8 awesome ways to get you hired sooner! 

Getting hired is a sales process. Preceding, the most precious tip would be getting recommendations rather than submitting wads of CVs/resumes. This besides, our 8 golden tips, would put you in the most convincing position in front of potential employers if done smartly and with dedication of course.

Is it Possible to Get a Job Immediately?

Yes, you can get a job immediately. If you know what doing and how to get a right position. To get a job immediately, it is essential to have a polished resume if you want to get an excellent job. The best way to get a job immediately is by using the process of active job searching. Using active job search takes time, but it has better chances of getting hired. Active job search is when someone does apply for a specific position. Active job search can be done through networking, by having your LinkedIn account up-to-date, and by attending career fairs.

How to Get a Job Immediately
Get a job immediately

What Are the 8 Strategies How to Get a Job Immediately?

The 8 strategies in obtaining a job immediately are:

Be Practical and Focus on Your Goals

Don’t squander your time applying to all 50 jobs on the list you made. Cut it based on the qualifications, experiences, and skills you bear. Be practical and focus on your goals. For example, becoming a Marketing Analyst or a Chief Marketing Officer of a reputable company is your goal long-term. Then social media management, event planning, the brand management team would be on your bucket list. You won’t settle for a technical job or a bogus company-fitting position obviously.
Focus on your goals, set your career intentions, because you may rush while applying to irrelevant positions, to land a job fast. It’s best to search focused, read job descriptions, and pay heed to the detailed instructions, including the deadlines, before applying.

Update Your Resume, LinkedIn, and Cover Letter

Now that you have a skimmed list to apply to, it’s time to update your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile! Spruce up your documents, write an ATS-friendly resume, and relevant cover letter for each position. 
98% of Fortune 500 organizations now use ATS bots to either reject or accept your resume. So, burn some time understanding how ATS works since this smart tracking system decides whether or not your application would set foot in the hiring manager’s cabin! You may hire a professional resume writer to settle this hassle for you and design you a gripping marketing document over a small investment.
LinkedIn application is utilized by 95% of recruiters to source and skim job applicants. Then why not avail oneself positive limelight from the world’s most substantial social media network. Optimize your profile with short past experiences, catchy professional display pictures, and achievements you were awarded overtime.

Enhance Your Professional Network

Explore beyond your safe zone. Take benefit from online resources ‘Google, Facebook, LinkedIn’ to enhance your network. Try not to restrict yourself online – you may sign up for meetups, industry events, conferences. Referred candidates are hired 55% faster!
Communicating and enhancing your professional network can be quite fruitful – you may ask your former colleagues, college alumni association, friends employed in companies of your interest to let you know of any available position. You may also request a recommendation or a referral.

Update Your Current Employment Status on Social Media Platforms

Not only do the majority of organizations now scan applications visiting social media platforms – but your online professional network might also consider you for a position. Some people may not befriend an opinion to highlight themselves as unemployed on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook but still want the door open for professional possibilities for themselves.
There are ways of updating your current employment status definitely! You may mention the end date of your previous job, or mention ‘Available for Opportunities’, ‘Experienced Content Strategist Exploring Options.’ You may also design, optimize, and manage your profile on job portals online to seek relevant opportunities.

Directly Reach out to Employers

Don’t get cold feet directly reaching out/ approaching recruiters/ employers for a job. Remember to be confident, avoid apologizing words like excuse me for bothering you, keep it simple and casual but professional, and most crucially keep it short and very specific. You may email, call them or drop a LinkedIn message after formatting and proofreading your cold pitch!
Jewelet, a business coach, says that; of 100 cold emails she sends, 45 respond either interested or asking for more information. It means you gotta stick to your guns, be consistent, and try harder!

Set up Job-search Alerts

Spend 2,3 hours on the internet daily for job searching to get a job immediately – the more you dig the better you get! Hunting job openings can be a long-drawn task. Setting up job-search alerts can be a savior in such a situation! Pick yourself 2-3 favorite and authentic job boards and take time to read the job alerts every day. Furthermore, you may set up Google Alerts to notify you of jobs relevant to you!

Practice Interview

Now that you have hunted and applied for a job opening – Don’t stop yet. Be optimistic to receive a call from the prospective employer sooner. It’s high time to cover all the possible bases and practice for the interview. 
To pass the interview event with flying colors, research and rehearse possible interview questions, read about the company’s history and present, dish up some short stories from the past professional experiences you may share with the interviewer. Being prepared, you’ll feel rather self-assured, comfortable, calm, and confident in the real deal – quicker you will snap into a new position!

Track and Follow up Your Job Applications

After the interview, leave a good impression and follow up within a week. A mindful and concise follow-up may lend your application additional consideration and closer attention by the employer. If not overwhelmed, a follow-up is your reminder that you are keen to get a response and give your best if hired! Although there are split opinions as to how many times you may follow up, a common view is emailing the next follow-up after a whole week.

In a Nutshell

If you don’t rush, map a plan, stay focused, and stick to it – you will be dressed for success. If you are really passionate, you will explore all avenues and hit a home run surely.

Stress, hesitation, and a cash-strapped situation is all part of the game, you just need to learn to overcome it. Getting a job immediately may be hard going but you need to believe in yourself and step up every single day to achieve your goal. Good Luck!

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