Thank You Email After Interview Subject Line


Before delving into the subject line for a “Thank You Email After Interview,” it’s essential to grasp the concept of what is Thank You Email After the Interview.

What is Thank You Email After the Interview?

After the interview, thank you email is drafted, polished, and sent to the hirer as a brisk note of appreciation. The interviewee formats this email to appreciate the time and effort of the ideal job organization’s hiring team/ supervisor for meeting with her/him in the interview setting.

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Should you send a thank you email after every interview?

59% of HR managers believe that thank you email, after the final interview, is beneficent and obliging for the job seekers! 63% of hiring teams prefer job candidates who send a follow up thank you letter and demand a higher pay – than those who request a lower pay but failed to follow-up!

By and large, the email is an opportunity for you in the following ways:.

  • A chance to protrude the crowd. For instance, 25 applied for the job and only 8 chose to follow up. Why lose a chance to get this highlight among other job applicants!
  • Feature more information – achievements and accomplishments – about you for them to see the best suitable employee in you.
  • A gentle reminder of your skills, capabilities, and qualifications relevant to the job opening.
  • Presenting/ bringing up something worthwhile either about you or the company you wished you had a chance to mention but couldn’t.
  • Linking online portfolio – LinkedIn/ personal website. Its significance can be proved by a stat that job aspirants with a professional LinkedIn profile are at 71% more advantage to land a job interview!

If you wish to take mileage of aforesaid benefits; the answer to, why thank you email after interview is necessary, is quite intelligible!

When to Send Thank You Email After Interview?

Job aspirants are advised to send/ e-mail thank you notes within 24 to 48 hours of the interview. Within 24 hours is usually better since you wouldn’t want to be last in the post-interview thank-you e-mail list. It expresses your concern and heeds towards the vacant position and target organization! 

Soon after you are done with the interview, take out a notepad and note down all the crucial portions – be position-centric and relevant – of the meeting. Be it;

  • Some questions that were inquired by the panel
  • Any follow-up query you didn’t get a chance to mention in the meeting
  • Capabilities and expertise pivotal for the job position
  • Your replies/ remarks interviewers liked

Recollect what each questioner remarked or zeroed in on, to draft a personalized thank you email after the interview!

Key Elements of a Post-Interview Thank You Email

  • A responsive email subject line
  • Personified greeting
  • Expressing gratitude to the interviewer/ interview panel for their time
  • Emphasizing interest in the available position and how your skills/ qualifications make you the best fit
  • Bringing out some bits of the meeting interesting to you
  • Conveying your availability, in case you proceed in the hiring procedure!

All these components are extremely important in finalizing your thank you email. However, in this article we would be discussing how to write a strong and engaging thank you email after interview subject line. 

What is Thank You Email After Interview Subject Line?

A thank you email after interview subject line is a title you write in the subject field of your gratitude message to the employing supervisor you met in the interview setting. While the email subject line incorporates just a couple of words – smartly penning it down is pivotal in the following ways:

Conveys your competence and interest in the position: Being the foremost impression of your email, the subject line of emails is the first thing that pops in one’s mail collection. The reader would definitely be reminded of you and your responses, capabilities, and relevance for the employment position if you had a good interview.

A smart and strong subject line prevents your message from being skipped by the hiring supervisor in the mail inbox mess: A fine email subject can separate your thank-you email from the competitors and propel the hirer to peruse it rapidly.

Your mail might instigate a discussion: In case you made a good impression in the meeting – a captivating email subject line and engaging thank you email body might instigate a further discussion with the interviewer and what can be a cut above this?

Effective Ways to Write Thank You Email After Interview Subject Line

There exist no stringent rules of what to add or exclude in the subject lines. Professional email subject line examples are discussed later. Some constituents which can be added are as follows:


Your first and last name can be your interview’s reminder to the interviewing team.

Interview Date

Employing teams arrange interviews for weeks or days generally, so including your interview date would add great value! Also, in case you forgot to send a post-interview gratitude mail within 24/ 48 hours, mentioning a date can ease their effort to track you!

Stating your interview date may also urge the hirer to recall his/her discussion with you!

Interviewer’s Name

If someone remembers your name after your first meeting, how cool and observant of him/her, yes? Addressing your interviewer in the email subject line can definitely catch his/her eye in his/her email collection. Therefore, it’s advised to ask for business cards from your interview panel after the meeting.

Furthermore, you can predominate the game by incorporating the name’s version preferred by him/her. For instance, Alexander Johns is your hiring manager. He may use variants like Alex, Alexander, Mr. Johns, etc.

Vacant Job Title

Good subject lines for emails may include the job position they were interviewed for. This specific and clear approach can aid the hiring team in organizing the received emails – in case the organization had arranged interviews for a more-than-one position! 

Some fine ways to do this can be writing a job position alone or with the department/ organization’s name.

Ask a Question

This strategy can be fruitful to keep in touch and build affinity with the recruiting supervisor. One point to ensure, however, is refraining from inquiring an irrelevant and beside-the-point question. It can spoil your impression.

Posing an inquiry in your headline brings the questioner’s consideration straightforwardly to the motivation behind your email. It likewise urges them to answer when they probably won’t have something else, making a more significant level of compatibility and commitment that could improve your shots at landing the position. 

You can pose inquiries about the work, demand feedback, or initiate a room for conversation over the next stage of the hiring procedures.

Give a Compliment to the Recruiter

Commending your interviewer can be an incredible thing to remember as an email headline alternative. Praising him shows that you focused on the questioner and liked the meeting opportunity. Complimenting is a compelling method of grabbing their eye. Thank the questioner for something explicit that praises their expert abilities.

Such a statement highlights you as an observant professional, can help you construct connections in the working environment, and show you are a cooperative person.

Mentioning Accessory and Relevant Information

While a thank-you email can be a great way to present your gratitude, you may add relevant details/ info you wanted to mention in the meeting but couldn’t! This effective topic sentence may lead a conversation, show your recognition and acknowledgment, and build a good relationship with the hiring team of your dream company.

Catchy Email Subject Lines Examples

  • Thank You – Hailey (first name) Hadid (last name)
  • Many thanks from Hailey Hadid!
  • Thank You – HR Manager Position (Job Title)
  • HR Manager Position (Job Title), Hailey (first name) Jones (last name) – Thank You
  • Thanks, from John (first name)!
  • Thanks for the website developer (Job Title) interview: Miley Aaron
  • Thank you for an incredible interview: John Shay
  • It was a pleasure meeting you on Tuesday
  • Thank you for our June 27 interview
  • It was awesome talking with you, Ali (interviewer’s name)
  • Zain (first name) Ali (last name): Thanks for the interview – any feedback for me?
  • Great chatting about tech innovations: Vanessa (first name) Merrel (last name)
  • Superb chatting with a tech proficient like you!
  • I was thinking about your insights on modern marketing techniques!

Tips for Post Interview Thank You Email Subject

To aid your email get through, observe the following suggestions:

  • Hi, Greetings: Avoid these outdated subject lines. They leave an impression of informality – as if you are not interested in the vacant position.
  • Avoid demanding favors: Avoid any distraction from the gratitude tone. Asking about the next interview and relevant favors leaves a bad and desperate impression.
  • Refrain from justifying your meeting mistakes: Failed to reply smartly? Forgotten to add something? Remember to keep the tone of this thank-you email positive and sanguine. 
  • Mail-in time: Consciously send this email within 24 to 48 hours after the interview. You wouldn’t want to lose the chance, right?

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