Noon Careers in Dubai-UAE Latest Jobs Vacancies in 2024


E-commerce is growing fast in the UAE. Millions of people across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the Emirates are embracing this change. is one of the leading platforms in this scenario. And there’s a dynamic team of professionals behind all this success.

In fact, Noon Careers offers opportunities for everyone, from seasoned professionals to fresh graduates and inexperienced workers. You can also make a lucrative career in this e-commerce company. Keep an eye on the latest job openings and submit your optimized resume when you see an opportunity.

This blog post explores noon jobs in the United Arab Emirates. We have also the company’s work culture, job benefits, and the types of positions available.

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What is Noon?

Noon is an e-commerce network having online retail stores in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.

In 2017, Mohamed Alabbar established this digital marketplace, also recognized as the “homegrown” online store for the region. Later on, the ecommerce network extended to other Arab countries. Now the company is headquartered in Saudi Arabia. Besides that, Noon stores are also located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Egypt.

Hence, it is the Middle East’s leading e-commerce career provider.

Noon Latest Job vacancy list in Dubai UAE

Multiple job listings exist on the Noon company’s official LinkedIn page. Here are the current openings for Dubai:

Job titleApply nowJob type
Coordinator, People ServicesApply nowHybrid
Training Coordinator – Noon Food (part-time job)Apply nowHybrid
Talent Acquisition CoordinatorApply nowHybrid
Intern Business Development- Noon food- AjmanApply now

Intern, Business Development Executive- Ras Al KhaimahApply nowHybrid
Intern, Business Development – SharjahApply nowHybrid
Commercial Coordinator (Part time job)Apply nowHybrid
Store SupervisorApply nowOn-site
Public Relations OfficerApply nowOn-site
Social Media Co-ordinatorApply nowHybrid
BTL coordinator- Noon FoodApply nowOn-site
Apply Noon Career via Linkedin

How to Apply UAE Noon for a job?

Go to the provided job application Link. You will be redirected to Noon’s official job Ad. You can apply for the job there using LinkedIn Easy Apply.

Pro tip: Optimize your LinkedIn presence for a competitive edge in the job market.

How Does Noon Support Career Growth in Dubai?

Noon encourages its employees to up skill, paving a pathway for their career growth. The company organizes training programs for the professional development of its employees.

Other ways the company supports the career growth of its workers are:

Exposure to Diverse Teams

Working at Noon, you are a player of a vibrant, multi-cultural team. It’s like working together with people from everywhere. Professionals from various fields (such as e-commerce, technology, marketing, and logistics) work here in collaboration.

Such diverse exposure lets you learn from different views. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to enhance your professional network by establishing meaningful connections that can be beneficial to your career.

Employee reviews also advocate the cultural vibrance of Noon Company:

Growth Opportunities

Noon provides job opportunities at various levels, from beginners to top-level executives.

Employers also get a fair opportunity for internal promotions. Based on your performance you could get promoted within 6 months to 2 years.

Dynamic Work Environment

Noon offers an exciting and dynamic workplace in a fast-growing e-commerce industry. Having a forward-thinking mindset will pave the way for success in this environment. Only then you can keep up with the challenges of this rapidly changing industry (ecommerce).

Competitive Salary and Employee Benefits

The salary package at Noon is market competitive. In addition, you will receive perks such as medical insurance coverage, compensated leave days, and complimentary transportation services. This means you can work on your career development without financial stress.

How Much Salary Do You Get at Noon, Dubai?

The salary for Noon UAE careers ranges from 4000 AED to 15,000 AED. The specific salary varies based on the responsibilities of your role and your level within the organization. For example, a consumer service representative’s pay  will be different than an executive business analyst.

Roughly speaking, we can divide the pay range into 4 groups:

  1. For beginners at Noon, salaries typically begin at approximately 4,000 AED.
  2. Experienced employees in lower positions typically earn about 6,000-7000 AED.
  3. The salary range for mid-level workers is 8,000 to 12,000 AED.
  4. Salaries for senior executives and specialized experts start from 15,000 AED and above.

Noon Warehouse Jobs Salary

Warehouse workers perform the tasks like lifter operators, shelving, loading packages, and off-loading material.

Stats from Naukarigulf show that the monthly earnings of warehouse staff at Noon UAE is 2000-4000 AED. The exact pay differs based on your experience and workload. However, you can expect a monthly salary of 2785 AED for the position of an entry-level associate.

Average pay of Noon Warehouse

Noon Driver Jobs Salary

Delivery staff makes the backbone of the Noon workforce. Owing to their crucial role and abundant work, these workers have high pay. Job responsibilities in these roles can include picking, packing, and shipping.

As a Noon driver, you can expect a salary package anywhere from 2400 AED to 7200 AED. Again the exact pay differs with the distance you cover and the number of orders you deliver. The monthly average for this role is 3750 AED for beginners.

Noon Driver Jobs income


1. How Can I Apply for a Job at Noon in Middle East Countries?

Check out the available vacancies on their LinkedIn page and apply from there via the LinkedIn EasyApply service.

2. What Skills are in need for Noon Careers in Dubai?

The exact skills requirements depend on the job you want. However, creative problem-solving and communication skills are a plus point for nearly all positions.

3. Are there any Additional Perks Included in the Salary and Benefits at Noon Company?

Yes, Noon employees get medical insurance, transport facilities, air tickets, and paid annual vacation.

4. What Makes Noon a Great Place to Work in Dubai? offers career advancement opportunities in e-commerce departments. The company’s provision of adaptable scheduling options and comprehensive wellness initiatives empowers employees to uphold a harmonious work-life equilibrium. Other plus points include competitive job benefits and a collaborative work environment.

5. How long is the annual vacation at

According to the Noon UAE vacation policy, you get 30 days off every year.

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