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Discover the latest Walk-in Interviews happening in Dubai and beyond. Our listings are updated regularly, reporting opportunities across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and RAK. Hence, we publish top companies’ Walk-in interviews today and tomorrow, helping you find freshers’ jobs in Dubai and across the UAE easily.

What does a Walk-in Interview Mean?

Walk-in interviews mean you can just walk into the company for a job interview. Though formal interview invitations are not required, the time and location are decided and announced by the company.

During these direct interviews, the recruitment team judges the industry knowledge and ability of the candidates. They might also ask for a resume, cover letter, and other documents to make a better assessment. Ultimately, the most qualified candidate will be chosen.

What makes a walk-in interview Different from a Scheduled Interview?

Walk-in interviews are not selective. The desiring candidates can show up without a prior appointment. These applicants are seen on a first-come-first-serve basis. The HR manager calls the candidates one by one and has some in-person discussions with them.

Instead, scheduled interviews are held for selective candidates. These candidates are chosen based on their professional resumes and cover letters.

They get invited on certain days and times, usually by email or phone calls. It’s more structured and allows both parties to prepare beforehand.

Why do Hiring managers/recruiters Call walk-in interviews?

Recruiters conduct direct interviews when there are numerous vacancies to fill. This method saves time because the company can meet many candidates and gather a lot of resumes.

Some companies hire suitable candidate’s right after the in-person meeting session. While others only short-list the top candidates, utilizing these interviews only to screen candidates.

List of Companies Offering Walk-in Interviews in the United Arab Emirates

Ground Operations Staff

Company: ERAM Manpower Service

Work Location: Dubai

Job Type: Full time

Nationality: Any nationality

Gender: No preference

No. of available vacancies: 30

Education Level: Secondary school, Intermediate school

Visa: Priority will be given to resident Visa Holders who own an NOC

Salary Package: 2000 AED (all inclusive)

Other Requirements

  • Good English communication skills
  • Medical insurance is required
  • Candidates must have home country license
  • Minimum age limit is 23 years


  • Eram HR Solutions. Centurion Star Tower – A Block, 11th Floor, Deira.
  • Eram HR Solutions. Deira City Center Metro Station behind Day to Day, Deira, Dubai


Company:  AM Global Management Consultancies

Work Location: Dubai

Job Type: Full time

Experience: 0-5 years

Nationality: Indians, Bangladeshi and Pakistani

Gender: Male

No. of available vacancies: 25

Education Level: Intermediate education

Salary Package: 2000 AED/month or more (depending upon experience)

Other Requirements:

  • An extensive work experience as an electrician
  • Expertise in wiring and switching
  • Experience in building maintenance department

Venue: Trade center, Dubai

Tea Boy/ Office Boy

Company:  Star services LLC

Work Location: Sharjah

Job Type: Full time

Experience: Preferred

Nationality: Any Nationality

Gender: Male

No. of available vacancies: 70

Education Level: High school diploma or equivalent

Salary Package: 1500 to 1700 AED

Other Requirements:

  • Detail-orientation and accuracy in completing task
  • Work experience as an office boy
  • Good Communication skills, fluency in English
  • Effective time management

Job Responsibilities:

  • Help with regular office tasks like photocopying, filing and data entry
  • Prepare tea, coffee and refreshments for the guests and staff
  • Keep the office clean and tidy
  • Run errands for office supplies and groceries
  • Maintain and operate office equipment like printers, scanners, and photocopiers
  • Provide general support to office staff

Venue: Chain Office Tower Bldg. Muroor Road Abu Dhabi , Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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There are several reasons for why walk-in interviews are famous in the United Arab Emirates. Mainly, because it saves time for both employers and candidates as no lengthy application process is involved.

Quick Hiring

What makes walk-in opportunities so popular is the likelihood of getting hired immediately.

The demand for employees in sectors like hospitality, retail, and IT is high in the UAE. Hence, traditional slow hiring methods and resources don’t work well for recruiters. They cannot utilize the time-consuming proceedings of resume collection, reviewing, and sending invitations.

On the other side, this urgent hiring method also favors candidates. They can secure employment on the same day as their interview and join the workforce without delay.

Fast Screening Process

Walk-in interviews make the hiring process more efficient. Candidates undergo interviews and receive results promptly. This streamlined approach benefits employers as they can onboard a larger workforce within a limited timeframe.

Cost-Effective Recruitment

Walk-ins are a means of low-cost recruiting.

There’s no need for lengthy pre-screening or scheduling individual interviews, making it a time and money-saving appointing procedure. Owing to this benefit, many companies prefer this method, especially for entry-level positions.

Flexibility for Job Seekers

The interviewer knows nothing about the candidate’s work history in walk-in interviews. Applicants have the opportunity to make a positive impression right from the start. This significantly increases their chances of securing the position they desire.

By showing up in person, you can demonstrate your enthusiasm and professionalism to the hiring manager directly. Thus it is a more convenient job hunt strategy for applicants.

Open Interviews in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and RAK?

You can find an announcement for walk-in interviews on various online job boards.

Besides that, many organizations displaying job advertisements outside their office. Hence, you can find such walk-in interview calls outside company offices, in shopping malls, retail shops, and restaurants.

Walk-in Interview in UAE-Tips for a Success

Look Professional

Wear formal attire suitable for the job. It is not a must to wear a suit and tie, but make sure you look nice and professional.

Bring the necessary documents

The interviewer might want to see the documents needed for a UAE job. Sometimes, you are asked to submit a copy of essential documents if you are shortlisted. That’s why, you should have a copy of your CV, passport, visa, and any relevant certificates.

Research the company

Acquiring knowledge about company services and work culture is the topmost tip for any job interview, whether scheduled or walk-in. Use social media and the official website to understand the company’s values, services, and recent achievements. This way you would be able to sound relevant and answer the interview questions better.

Practice common interview questions

Walk-in interviews allow you to make a strong first impression. It’s wise to practice beforehand. Prepare a brief, professional introduction for yourself. Focus on your key skills and successful aspects of work experience.

Arrive on time

As we talked about before, walk-in interviews work on a first-come, first-served basis. In such a scenario, being late might not work in your favor. Get there early to increase your chances of getting seen.

Showcase confidence

Confidence is the key to interview success. Stay relaxed as you communicate. Don’t rush as you speak, talk with poise. Keep your posture upright and maintain eye contact throughout the interview.

These little things will help you impress the recruiter with your body language besides your skills and qualifications.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Walk-in Interview in Dubai UAE

  • Dressing inappropriately or unprofessionally.
  • Walking in without preparation or researching the company and job role requirements.
  • Arriving late or without sufficient time for the interview.
  • Not bringing the essential documents like a CV, passport, or certificates.
  • Showing a negative attitude, either being pessimistic, arrogant, or overly self-assured.
  • Having poor body language. Fidgeting, avoiding eye contact, or slouching during the interview.




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