Valet Parking Driver Job Vacancy in Dubai (With Salary + Job Requirements)


Despite being an entry-level position, valet driving positions in Dubai have good earning potential. These roles are perfect for individuals who enjoy driving and dealing with people. Because customer service is the core of success in valet jobs.

This blog post details various valet attendant job openings in Dubai. We have covered job requirements, pros and cons, and salary packages. Read on to explore opportunities and learn how to apply for valet driver positions.

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Valet Driving Careers in Dubai (Latest Vacancies)

Bellman (Ras Al Khaimah Resort)


Crew Life at Sea

Job Location:


Job Responsibilities:

  • Welcome guests warmly and provide information about the resort’s services
  • Park guests’ vehicles safely in the resort’s parking lounge
  • Ensure prompt retrieval of cars upon guests’ request
  • Help guests with luggage handling and escort them to their rooms.
  • Assist with check-in, check-out, and transport arrangement
  • Help them pack and unpack the luggage
  • Foster clear communication with the front office, concierge, and other departments
  • Offer insights into local attractions, transportation, and resort services
  • Ensure the safety of guests’ belongings

Valet Parking Attendant


Italian Sponge Manufacturing LLC


1500-2000 AED/month

Job Type:

Full time

Job Location:


Qualifications Required:

  • High school education
  • Working experience as a hotel valet attendant in UAE (preferred)
  • A valid UAE driving license
  • A clean driving record with experience handling various types of vehicles
  • Good customer service skills
  • Ability to drive manual and automatic transmission vehicles

Job Responsibilities:

  • Guide traffic within the parking area
  • Assist guests entering and leaving the parking spots
  • Park vehicles and retrieve them safely and efficiently
  • Great guests well and provide excellent customer service
  • Carry the luggage for guests and help with other requests
  • Correctly document vehicle parking locations on valet claim tickets
  • Manage transactions and paperwork regarding guests’ vehicles
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Valet Parking Driver


Go Valet Parking Services Co. LLC

Job Type:

Full time

Job Location:


No. of Vacancies


Qualifications Required:

  • 2-3 years of working experience as a Valet parking driver

Job Responsibilities:

  • Deliver a seamless and convenient parking experience
  • Ensuring the security of vehicles under your care
  • Efficient vehicle Handling
  • Good customer service
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Managing ticketing tasks well
  • Traffic Flow Management
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Valet Parking Driver



Job Type:

Full time

Job Location:



2000 AED/month

Qualifications Required:

  • A valid UAE driving license
  • At least 2 years of driving experience in a similar position
  • Ability to handle various car models
  • Efficient parking skills
  • Strong organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail
  • Being customer-friendly and good at communicating
  • Car care knowledge (preferred)

Job Responsibilities:

  • Drive through and park customer vehicles within the shop and parking lot
  • Ensure safety and parking order of all cars
  • Move cars in and out of the workshop
  • Inspect the vehicles before and after service
  • Keep the parking area clean and well-organized
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • notify the supervisor of any issues or damages

Before applying for these jobs, let’s understand what valet driving means:

What Does Valet Parking Mean?

Valet parking is a consumer service you can get at some hotels, restaurants, and event venues. The restaurant’s employees park guest cars for them.

Here’s how it typically works:

  • When the guests arrive at the entrance of the restaurant, valets (the drivers providing the service) greet them and take their car keys.
  • Then they park the car in the designated area (a parking lot, garage, or another location).
  • Similarly, when the guests are ready to leave, they let the valet know. So, they retrieve the car from the parking area to the main gate where the guests are waiting for them.

The driver may get a salary or commission for their services or both in such cases.

However, other restaurants offer it as a complimentary perk to their guests. Valets receive fixed salaries from their organizations.

How to Get a Dubai Valet Parking Job?

The following steps will help you land driving jobs in Dubai:

Step1- Find a Driver Job vacancy in Dubai

Job search for valet parking job vacancies in Dubai is possible in multiple ways. Try one or all of the following to find a suitable vacancy:

  • Online Job Boards
    Online job boards are the easiest resource for finding a job in Dubai. Platforms like Indeed,, and Jooble host various job postings. Set the filters by location (Dubai) and jobs title (valet parking) to see the latest vacancies.
  • Reputed Company Websites
    Career pages on the official websites of hotels and hospitality companies are a direct source for finding valet jobs there. If you want to work at a specific hotel, this option is the best.
    Keep visiting these pages and look for valet attendant or driver opportunities. If the email address of the HR manager is given, you can also make a cold pitch there.
  • Recruitment Agencies
    Recruitment agencies have relationships with various companies. They can connect you with potential valet parking vaccines.

Step 2 – Optimize Your Resume and Apply to Jobs

Like every job application, you need an optimized resume for Valet parking. The general rules of effective CV writing are the same. However, take into account the following job search advice from our experts. It can improve your chances of securing a valet driver job:

  • Driving Skills:

Highlight your excellent driving skills by specifying the types of vehicles you can drive.  For instance, you can mention your experience with both automatic and manual transmissions.

  • Customer Service:

Valet jobs are primarily customer service jobs. Hence, qualities like friendliness, professionalism, and strong communication are the most important. Highlight these attributes in the experience section and other parts of the CV.

  • Attention to Detail:

As a Valet, you will be the caretaker of guests’ expensive vehicles. So, you need to assure the recruiter of this ability. Demonstrate your ability to inspect vehicles for any damage and accurately record their condition.

  • Time Management:

Guests can get pissed off if they have to wait a long time for valets. Hence, time management is the key to succession for this job. Highlight your proficiency in maintaining efficiency and managing time well in a dynamic setting.

  • Languages:

Arabic fluency is a plus for all jobs in Dubai, especially for customer service roles. As a valet, you can greet your Arab guests better. That’s why some companies prefer candidates who know both Arabic and English.
Knowing other languages is also helpful because Dubai is a multicultural tourist hub. Thus, If you speak Arabic or any other language besides English, don’t forget to highlight that in your resume.

Step 3- Prepare for Interview

Preparing for a valet driving job interview in Dubai requires a mix of practical skills.

Therefore, the initial action in getting ready for an interview is to carefully examine the job description.

  • Identify the required skills, such as driving both manual and automatic vehicles and excellent customer service. Also, research the company to learn about its values and services. Use this information to answer the common interview questions.
  • Practice your driving skills, focusing on parking in tight spaces and driving in various conditions.
  • Prepare your documents, including a valid UAE driver’s license and a clean driving record, and bring copies of your resume and references.
  • Ensure you present yourself in a professional manner and appear well-groomed on the day of the interview.
  • Get ready for typical interview queries by thinking about how you would manage challenging customers and deliver outstanding service.
  • Be confident throughout the interview. Emphasize your customer service abilities and keen attention to detail.
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Is the Valet Parking Driver Job Vacancy a Good Career Option?

Valet parking jobs are good for anyone who knows how to drive. Here’s why valet parking jobs are worth it:

  • No experience needed:

Unlike many careers, valet companies often don’t require prior experience. They’ll be more than happy to train inexperienced drivers on the specifics of the role.
Also, you don’t need advanced education for this job. Mostly, a driving license and basic communication skills are enough to get you a job.

  • Decent pay:

Valets are paid a good basic salary. But the real kicker is the tips they get from wealthy guests visiting Dubai. Delivering exceptional service to clients can greatly enhance your income as a valet.

  • Enhances Your Skills:

Each interaction with a visitor presents a chance to enhance your communication and social skills. And these skills are highly demanded skills in any hospitality-related profession. Ultimately, they will prove advantageous for you in any career you choose to pursue.

  • Flexible options:

Valet companies often have part-time positions available, offering perfect flexibility. Hence, you can start this job even if you’re a student or want a part-time job with no experience.

  • Active job:

This job will keep you physically and mentally engaged. You will be moving around, greeting people, and maneuvering the cars.

  • Improved driving:

Your driving skills are upscaled when you constantly maneuver luxury cars in tight spaces.

So, with your driving skills and willingness to learn, valet parking in Dubai can help you develop skills while earning good pay.

Down Sides of Valet Driving

  • Tough working conditions: Valet driving lacks the comforts of an office job. Working as a valet assistant frequently means performing your duties outside, regardless of the weather. Regardless of the weather—rain, sun, heat, or cold—you must carry out your duties effectively.
  • Non-traditional working hours:

The hotel industry booms when in the holiday session. On normal days as well, the peak hours are when most people are relaxing. For this reason, valets frequently have to work non-traditional schedules that include evenings, weekends, and holidays.

  • Physically demanding job: Working as a valet assistant can be physically challenging. You may need to stand or walk for extended periods and occasionally lift and carry luggage, which requires strength and stamina.

What is the Weekly Work Schedule for Valet Employees?

Valet attendants in Dubai typically work multiple days a week. The specific working hours will vary based on the company and location.

  • Full-time Job:

This is the most common scenario. Valet workers are on duty for 40 hours/week or more. However, the timings and days may be different from the conventional jobs (9 am to 5 pm, Mon-Fri).

  • Part-time Job:

Some companies offer part-time positions. These vacancies are ideal for students or those seeking a secondary income. Part-time schedules might involve 3-4 days a week with shorter shifts.

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  • Shift Work Job:

Valet services are often needed during peak business hours in the hospitality industry (like evenings, weekends, and holidays). That’s why restaurants need more staff for these hours. Meaning you can get a part-time opportunity with such a rotating schedule.

Determining Exact Work Hours:

To find out the exact workweek for a valet position:

  1. Check the job description.
  2. Inquire directly with the employer during the application process

Eligibility Criteria for Valet Car Parking

General job requirements for parking drivers are:

  • A valid UAE driver’s license
  • Valet companies prefer expert light vehicle drivers. You have an edge if you can handle various vehicles.
  • You must be a responsible individual, willing to provide the guests with a range of services and meet the owner’s expectations.
  • Exceptional customer service skills are essential. Being courteous and professional in guest interactions is essential for success.

FAQs: Parking Driver Job in Dubai- Middle East

Where Can I Find a Parking Driver Job Vacancy in Dubai?

You can search for valet driver jobs in Dubai on online job boards, the official websites of hotels and restaurants, and through recruitment agencies. (find complete details above in the article)

When Is the Best Time to Apply for a Parking Driver Job in Dubai?

The optimal time to apply for a driving job in Dubai hotels is during the cooler months, from October to April. It’s because this is the peak season for Dubai’s tourism industry The reason is that this time of year marks the height of Dubai’s tourist season. During this period, more job openings are available compared to the summer months.

Is valet parking a part-time job?

You can work as a valet driver either full-time or part-time. Some companies offer part-time positions, involving working 3-4 days a week with shorter shifts.

How much does a newly hired driver earn in Dubai?

Valet parking assistants earn a fixed average salary usually ranging from 1000 to 2000 AED per month. In addition, some companies offer perks such as free accommodation, visas, and transportation.

Moreover, tips from customers can greatly enhance their total earnings.


Valet parking assistance is more than just driving. It is a dynamic career involving customer service and vehicle handling. You get opportunities for interpersonal skills development and a fast-paced work environment.

Plus, the income potential is good as you can get big tips from wealthy guests. All in all, you can develop valuable skills and earn a decent income.

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