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The UAE has a thriving food and beverage industry, and chocolate is a popular indulgence in the region. The higher the demand, the more jobs the industry has to offer. Hence, an increased chance of finding a role in the chocolate industry of Dubai.

But if you’re wondering where to find chocolate packing job vacancies in Dubai, this article is for you. We have listed the open vacancies as well as the pros and cons of chocolate box packing so you can determine if chocolate packing is a worthwhile career path for you.
We have also answered common queries like:

  • Is it limited to male candidates?
  • Are there part-time job opportunities in the packing industry?
working inside the chocolate factory

Salary and Working Conditions

  • Chocolate helpers are paid from 1500 to 3000 AED. The exact compensation varies with role seniority, experience, and technical workload.
  • Working conditions in a chocolate factory depend upon your role. There is a warm section in the chocolate production plant where they perform tasks requiring high temperatures. For example, the roasting of cocoa beans is done in this area.
    However, the working conditions in the packing section are quite different. Typically these are
  • Cold temperatures ranging from 15-19°C
    • Chocolate aroma is everywhere in this department

UAE Chocolate Vacancies

Following chocolate wrapping supporter positions are available in the UAE job market:

Packing Helper for Chocolate Factory

Job description: diligent and reliable Packing Helpers are required to assist in the packing process.

Job Responsibilities of chocolate Packing Helper Career in Dubai

  • Help pack chocolate candies and desserts
  • Make sure all packaging meets company criteria
  • Inspect products for quality and notify supervisors of any problems
  • Keep the work area clean and tidy
  • Adhere to safety and hygiene protocols
  • Support inventory control and restocking
  • Complete additional tasks as directed by supervisors

Qualifications and Requirements

  • High school education
  • Work experience in packing and warehouse management roles
  •  Quick output and attention to details
  • Physical strength (must be able to move heavy objects)
  • Strong communication skills and team player character
  • Occasional availability for weekends and holidays


The company will provide Visa, accommodation, and transportation.

Warehouse Associate/Helper

Gyma Food Industries



Job type:

Full time


1000-1100 AED

Job Responsibilities:

  • Perform assigned warehouse tasks.
  • Handle order picking, packing, truck loading/unloading, and put-away.
  • Assist drivers with daily deliveries.
  • Maintain personal hygiene and facility sanitation.
  • Adhere to company rules and policies.
  • Manage warehouse chores like receiving, storage, shipping, and cycle counts.


  • The company will provide housing and Transportation

Chocolate Factory Assistant Staff

Maylaa International Trading LLC

Job type:

Full time


Skilled factory assistants are required for a chocolate factory. Seeking workers with experience in chocolate bar molding, tempering, dipping, and advanced chocolate coloring.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Assembling, operating, and maintaining factory machines
  • Reporting defective and malfunctioning machinery
  • Managing raw material stock levels
  • Reporting about material spoilage and storage conditions
  • Keeping the workplace clean and safe from harmful chemicals
  • Following the safety procedures and quality guidelines of the company

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Previous factory production experience
  • Understanding of production equipment
  • Ability to identify machinery issues
  • Knowledge of basic safety protocols
  • Capability to lift and transfer heavy loads
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills


chocolate packing helper jobs in UAE

Chocolate Helper Job Responsibilities

Chocolate packers are responsible for several key tasks to ensure that chocolate products are ready for distribution. These workers ensure that sweets are shipped quickly and safely

They also take care of the quality and standard compliance of the chocolate products.

Inside a chocolate factory, you may be assigned a variety of tasks. The common responsibilities include:

Packing Chocolates

This job requires attention to detail and creative hands. As per the packaging, you may need to put the chocolate bars inside the boxes. Or wrap them in foils with care. All in all, your job is to ensure that sweets are completely covered and secure for transport.

Depending upon the job you get, you may do any of the following tasks:

  • Pack products into containers and bags.
  • Count, measure, and adjust the quantities as necessary.
  • Wrap protective material around products.
  •  Seal bags, and containers, and attach pre-printed labels.
  • Arrange bags and packages onto respective trays, racks, and shipping boxes.
  • Document details like quantity, net weight, shipping time, and dates.

Operating Machinery

Some roles may involve using sealing machines or labeling equipment. When working in these positions, you must keep the packing area organized and hygienic. You’ll supervise the container-filling process. It’s the packer’s job to ensure proper volume and seal quality by adjusting machines as necessary.

Quality Control

QC workers check chocolates for any defects or issues before packing. They make sure that packed chocolates and candies meet company standards.
Besides that, they are responsible for ensuring food safety and hygiene regulations in the packing area.

Inventory Management

Inventory managers in chocolate factories keep track of packaging materials. On one side, they are responsible for gathering packing supplies for different products. These supplies include:

  • Assembling bags
  • Packaging folders
  • And cartons

Plus, they make sure enough packing material is present to fulfill orders. If the supplies are low, their job is to notify the supervisors before it’s too late.

Team Work

Packing products at a large scale requires efficient teamwork. Packing assistants must collaborate with other team members to ensure smooth production.

Key Skills For Packing Helper

A packaging operator needs many specific skills to do the job well. These include being good at basic math, using hand tools, running production machines, and checking for quality. Workers must learn lockout/tagout procedures (LOTO). This ensures they can safely isolate hazardous energy during maintenance or servicing.

Besides that, they must know and follow safety guidelines to prevent cross-contamination.

Our resume experts have prepared a handy list of packing skills that you can put on your resume to increase your chances of landing a job.

  • Adherence to Safety Procedures
  • GMP knowledge (good manufacturing practices)
  • Effective Communication
  • Physical strength and agility
  • Attention to detail
  • Accuracy and precision
  • Technical expertise
  • Pallet jack operating
  • Labeling
  • Food inspection and quality control

Eligibility Criteria for Packing Jobs

To work in a packing-related role, you will need basic education, physical capability, and some knowledge of tools and software like ERP.


For most packing jobs, having a graduate degree is not a must. You can apply for such a position with an intermediate education certificate.

However, you should have a good command of spoken and written English. English language proficiency is mostly preferred and oftentimes a compulsory characteristic for these positions.


Candidates having an experience in food packing are preferred as chocolate factory workers.

Age Limit

As the workload can be physically taxing, young, strong people are preferred in packing assistant roles. You can be an ideal candidate for these positions if you belong to the age group 20-30 years.

The Job Application Process for Helper

Follow these steps to apply for a chocolate packing job in Dubai:

1.     Find out available vacancies

You can do so by looking into online job boards, and jobs posted in local newspapers and on LinkedIn.

Online job boards are a quick, easy-to-use, and trustworthy resource for job hunting. Many are free while others charge for their services.

Using LinkedIn is even better. It provides you with 3 benefits:

Firstly, you can find open jobs and can directly apply from the EasyApply service.

Plus, you can see the profile of the person who posted this job. This way you can directly approach the recruiter.

It also helps you increase your chances of employability as you have a chance to impress the recruiter with your LinkedIn profile.

2.     Custom-Tailor your Resume and Cover Letter

Using the same templatized resume and cover letter for every job is a no-no for successful job acquisition. Recruiters can find that out with a glance. And it gives negative vibes about your professionalism and dedication to the job you are applying for. It indicates you are lazy or lack communication skills.

That’s why be sure to customize your resume and cover letter according to specific job descriptions. If you feel stuck, we recommend you get help from an expert.

3.     Submit your Job Application

The mode of application submission depends on the company guidelines and the job-finding resource you are using. Many companies allow you to directly apply through LinkedIn using the EasyApply method. While others take you to the official job board on the company’s website.
Some companies also advertise on job boards and let you submit your job application from there.
Yet some organizations prefer face-to-face interaction with the candidates and arrange walk-in interviews instead of the traditional job application procedure.

What are the Benefits of Working in the Packaging Industry?

Sweet-smelling Workplace

Working in a chocolate packaging facility means you will be surrounded by delicious, choco aroma all the time. If you are a chocolate lover, it is a real perk.

Being around chocolate has many medical benefits as well. A study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology reports that cocoa smell uplifts mood, improves cognitive performance, and fights against diseases.

Fast-paced Environment

The chocolate industry is known for its seasonal peaks and need for efficiency. And packaging department must keep up this tempo to ensure smooth working. Working in such a workplace is a golden chance for professional skill development. You can master pressure management and problem-solving in these settings.

Variety of Tasks

Packaging lines often involve a mix of manual and automated tasks. This can provide a good balance for those who enjoy both physical activity and working with machinery.

Potential for Creativity

Some packaging roles are standardized, compelling you to follow the set guidelines exactly. However, there can be opportunities to be creative in areas like:

  • Designing limited edition wrapping
  • Implementing sustainable packaging solutions.

Technical Skills Development

Packaging work involves using and understanding various equipment and processes. Thus, it is a good way of developing your technical skills.

Job Stability

The chocolate industry is robust and consistently in demand. That’s why most chocolate workers have stable and secure employment. This stability can offer peace of mind and long-term career opportunities.

Employee Discounts

Many chocolate companies offer their employees discounts on their products. Workers can enjoy high-quality chocolate at a reduced price, which is surely a delightful benefit.

FAQs: Chocolate Packing Workers in UAE

Are Packing Jobs Only for Men?

Both men and women can become a packing helper. However, men are usually preferred for jobs requiring physical effort like loading and unloading cartons.

Can you Become a Part-Time Packing Assistant?

Usually packing helper jobs are full-time factory jobs. However, factories may occasionally hire part-time employees to fulfill the increased demand during the seasonal boom.

Take Away-Is Chocolate Packing A Good Job?

Becoming a packing assistant in UAE is quite easy. It is an entry-level job that you can get without higher education. However, the pay and perks are impressive for an entry-level role. And above all, the working environment is all so chocolatey!


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