How Many Jobs are Available in Finance Consumer Services?


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Can you make a good career in finance consumer services?

Will you get a job?

What job?
Are you looking to find out whether or not enough opportunities available in the finance consumer services sector.
Good news, there are many!

Ranging from entry-level positions to highest-paying director roles.

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Reports from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that finance consumer services has more than 1 million jobs. And even better, up to 17% job explosion is expected in upcoming years.

This info-guide will give you an estimate of the availability of finance sector jobs. Plus, you can find out about responsibilities of top finance consumer support jobs.

They pay well, and their availability is high.

Keep reading to find out how many financial service jobs there are and what education you need to get them.

But first, let’s see if and why are finance services to consumers a lucrative career option:

Is Finance Consumer Services A Good Career Path?

The finance industry is diversifying immensely as technology grows. Myriad new income streams have been generated. Thousands of new investment and savings options are out there. Plus, there’s a whole new revolution of cryptocurrency.

For many people, it has become too chaotic to understand and keep track of their personal and business finances.
So, they need help to manage their money well despite all the chaos. That’s how consumer services jobs are created.

And as these people help others make and save money, they are paid well. All in all, it is a lucrative career path when you have the right skills and knowledge (explained in the upcoming section).

Number Of Jobs In Finance Customer Care

Now, let’s get to the main query. What options are available in consumer services fields. And how much do these consumer services jobs pay?

To make this search easier, we have compiled data from government surveys. 

Here is how many vacancies do different types of finance customer service jobs have:

Job TitleNumber of jobsAverage pay (yearly)Growth percentage in the next 10 years
Accountants and Auditors1,538,400$78,0004%
Financial Managers792,600$139,79016%
Tax Assistants and Revenue Agents55,000$57,9501%
Property Appraisers77,600$61,5605%
Personal Financial Advisors327,600$95,39013%
Market Research Analyst868,600$68,23013%
Loan Officers354,800$65,7403%
Labor Relations Specialists64,600$82,010-1%
Insurance underwriter125,500$76,230-2%
Financial analyst376,100$96,2208%
Cost estimator231, 400$71,200-3%
Claim Adjuster342, 600$72,040-3%
Budget Analyst51, 600$82,2603%
Jobs available In Finance Customer Care

Now, let’s see precisely what are financial consumer services responsibilities and education requirements:

Finance Consumer Services – Education, Roles, Responsibilities, Growth Prospects, and History

  • The financial consumer service industry includes diverse jobs. All products and services relating to money management come under its umbrella.
    It is a broad field that encompasses:
    • Banking assistance
    • Debt services (credit cards, mortgage allowance, individual loans, student loans, etc.)
    • Personal insurance policies
    • Investment advisory
    • Retirement assets planning
    • Financial counseling services
  • Tax consultancy 
  • Financial client support is as old as finance itself. 

It existed even before the stock trading and banking system, was a real thing. Back in those days, people used to take advice from wise men about money management.

Those were the oldest finance advisory roles in human history.

  • You can get an entry-level job (like a junior bank teller) with a basic high school education. However, higher roles need knowledge of trading, investment, budgeting, and legal aspects. So, you will need relevant Bachelor’s degrees in commerce and business management.

So, what are the possible jobs in the finance consumer service sector? And is this market big enough to make up for a good living?

Possible Careers in Finance Consumer Services

Here are 15 good-paying jobs possible in the finance customer service industry:

1.     Loan Officer

LOs are the financial professionals you contact whenever you need to money from banks and lending institutions.

They assess your creditworthiness, and help you submit an effective loan application.

Besides the personal loans, they originate other types of loans as well.

2.     Retirement Advisor

These consultants provide a variety of services. But the main goal of all is to make sure financial well-being when you are no longer holding a job.

They analyze your financial worth. What assets you own? How much is your debt and savings? And what investments you should make?

All in all, they will provide you with a sound retirement strategy. Using their guidance, you can make better decisions about your savings.

For instance, they will help you determine what’s the best investment according to market trends and risk analysis reports.

3.     Mortgage Consultant

Mortgage consultants are the loan officers that analyze and process mortgage applications specifically. 

They assist consumers get property loans successfully. On one side, they prepare and analyze mortgage loan applications.

Additionally, they also collect documents, and verify information for lenders.

4.     Helpdesk Representatives

Helpdesk staff holds the troubleshooting department. These are the people clients contact in scenarios like:

  • When an error comes up during the transaction process
  • When they need more information about financial products of a bank or a non-banking institute
  • When they need information or facing an issue while opening a new bank account, etc.

5.     Bank Teller

Bank teller’s job is similar to a help desk representative’s job. However, it is specifically related to banking matters.

Bank tellers are bank employees that guide consumers about banking matters. Their job includes:

  • Providing information about different bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, savings plans and other financial products of a bank.
  • Helping the new clients open a bank account and how to use it for transaction
  • Handling monetary transactions like deposits, withdrawals, and transfers

6.     Consumer Behavior Analyst

Behavior analysts usually work with marketing teams. Their job is to identify consumer buying patterns and figure out what drives them the most.

They design effective marketing strategies using data from consumer surveys.

They conduct surveys and interviews to seek more information about consumers. They design survey questionnaires such that consumers’ answers unfold their decision-making process.

Combining market research data and buyer’s psychology, their pinpoint the key factors behind consumer choices.

All in all, these representative are responsible for identifying and conveying consumer preferences to brand administration.

7.     Financial Journalist

Financial journalists cover stories relating financial regulations and economic advancements.

They promote financial literacy with publications about the latest market trends and monetary regulations. So, their readers could make informed decisions about investments and business dealings.

Broadly, they job consists of 2 subcategories.

The first is to research. They find out publish worthy finance stories. It is their job to analyze, and fact-check the information.

The other is to report their findings to public using an appropriate channel. Commonly, you can hear from financial journalists through:

  • Finance magazines
  • Blogs
  • Press releases
  • Company filings
  • Government reports
  • Interview videos with economy experts

8.     Fintech Consultant

Fintech is a field where consumer technology meets finance. Fintech experts develop technology-driven solutions to promote financial activities for financial institutions.

These are the individuals who develop and manage mobile banking apps, online trading platforms, and data analysis tools.

9.     Personal Finance Advisor (PFA)

PFA agents assist individuals manage investment matters and make profitable decisions.  Mostly, these professionals hold a license in investment management and trading.

They help clients make best decisions when making investments and trading securities. PFAs also offer guidance relating to long-term saving plans.

10.    Hedge Fund Analysts

Hedge fund analyst work closely with investors who are looking for profitable funding opportunities. Their job is to provide well-researched investment recommendations to clients.

To make these recommendations, they gather and evaluate data relating:

  • Company Reports
  • Industry Trends
  • Individual securities
  •  Macro and micro-economic situations

11.      Accountants

Though accountancy job is not directly related to customer support. However, when accountants work directly with individuals or small businesses, their role often overlaps with consumer services.

Especially services like basic bookkeeping and tax preparation cater directly to individual needs and involve personalized interaction.

12.     Venture Capital Consultants

Venture capital brokers are also investment consultants. But they are the ones mainly focusing on venture capital raising. They connect individual investors with startups and offer investment consultancy.

In this process, the startup gets financing, the investor gets the profits while the consultant gets his commission from both parties.

13.      Credit Analyst

These professionals manage your credit card dealings. They evaluate if an individual or his business is creditworthy. They process applications for personal loans, credit cards, and related financial products of the clients.

14.      Wealth Manager

Wealth management is a comprehensive job. It usually includes financial advisory, tax preparation, and money tracking.
Individuals and families with high net worth hire financial experts from banks and financial advisory institutions to help them handle money matters.

15.       Insurance Sales Agents

Insurance workers educate people about insurance benefits, prerequisites, and procedures. They approach new prospects and sell life, health, property, travel, and auto insurance policies to them.

16.       Underwriter

These insurance workers create personalized risks and benefits reports for clients. They analyze if a certain policy is suitable for their client and whether or not he fulfills pre-requisites.

Besides that, the underwriter’s job includes determining policy coverage. They also decide on the premium rates according to the applicant data.

17.        Claim Adjuster

These client support workers help policyholders get insurance claims. They investigate insurance claims, determine liability, and negotiate settlements with policyholders.

18.      Personal banker

As the name implies, personal banker handles bank-related matters for specified clients. They provide tailored services according to their client’s requirements.

Clients approach them for queries relating to banking products and services.

 All in all, their job is to fulfill the banking needs of consumers, strengthening their relationship with a bank.

19.       Investment analysts

Market research can be hectic, especially when you are new to investment. Wrong predictions can potentially ruin your savings. The job of investment analysts is to protect investors from such misfortunes.

They research recent economic trends and provide strategic business insights to their clients so they can make better investment decisions.

20.      Risk manager

RMs look through the investment and savings portfolios of their clients and figure out if the client’s money is at risk somewhere. Also, they calculate risks associated with loans, investments, and other financial products.

Not only do they identify potential risks, but also offer mitigation strategies to prevent huge losses. All in all, risk managers help their clients have more financial stability.

21.      Budget Analyst

You can call these professionals a family’s guide to better money management. They help individuals and families develop and manage their budgets, track expenses, and achieve financial goals.

22.      Tax Assistant

Filing tax returns can be a taxing task!
But if you have a tax preparer on your side, tax matters become a lot easier and efficiently done.

These experts are certified for filing tax returns on client’s behalf. They prepare customer’s tax documents and make sure no discrepancy exists there.

23.      Financial Literacy Educator

Nonprofit and for-profit organizations run certain financial literacy programs. Educators employed in these programs teach individuals and communities about personal finance concepts, budgeting, investing, and responsible credit use.

24.       Debt Collector

Debt collectors make sure timely payments of the loan installments. Banks, lenders and some financial institutions hire these workers to work on their behalf.

They stay in touch with clients who own the debt and remind them about installment deadlines.

25.      Cryptocurrency Specialist

Crypto experts assess the risks and benefits of investing in certain cryptocurrencies. They guide customers about using block chain technology and trading coins.

26.      E-commerce Manager

E-commerce managers handle the business matters for online stores. Their job is highly diverse with responsibilities like:

  • Optimizing the store’s website. They are also responsible for optimizing the content so that the store gets higher SERP rankings.
  • Listing products on the web store and writing product descriptions.
  • Answering customers’ live chat queries.
  • Overseeing the delivery process. They deal with logistic partners and warehouse managers to make sure orders are fulfilled on-time.

While the e-com managers might not do all of these tasks, they are usually responsible for overseeing the people who do.

27.       Market Research Analyst

Market analysts assist entrepreneurs in product development. Their job includes the following tasks:

  • Conducting research on consumer financial behavior
  • Analyzing market trends to inform product development
  • Draw insights for developing marketing strategies and business plans

What service sector jobs are available in banks and other financial institutions?

Banks and associated institutions offer a variety of jobs in consumer services. Most common positions are:

  • Bank tellers
  • Personal loan processors
  • Mortgage consultants
  • Investment advisors
  • Credit analysts
  • Customer relationship managers
  • Asset managers
  • Insurance underwriters

What Consumer Services Jobs Are Available at Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFI)?

Organizations that don’t hold a banking license but offer financial consumer services include:

  • Insurance firms
  • Venture capitalist firms
  • Currency exchanges
  • Microloan organizations
  • Fintech companies
  • Credit unions

Some of the service sector roles you can get at NBFI companies are private equity analyst, Fintech developer, block chain analyst, business intelligence analyst, hedge fund analyst, venture capital consultant and portfolio manager.

In the finance sector, all customer support jobs have one main responsibility. That’s to assist and guide clients in their financial matters.

And because they help others save and earn more money, they also get higher wages for their financial services.

Top 5 States Offering Consumer Services Jobs

Job TitleTop 5 States With  Available Jobs
Accountants and Auditors California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania
Financial Managers New York, California, Texas, Florida, Illinois
Tax Assistants and Revenue Agents California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania
Property Appraisers California, Texas, Florida, New York, Georgia
Personal Financial Advisors New York, California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina
Market Research Analyst New York, California, Texas, Florida, Illinois
Loan Officers California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina
Labor Relations Specialists California, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania
Insurance underwriterTexas, New York, Illinois, California,  Florida
Financial analyst New York, California, Texas, Florida, Illinois
Financial risk specialist New York, California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina
Investment analyst New York, California, Texas, Florida, Illinois
Cost estimator California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania
Claim Adjuster California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania
Insurance appraisersTexas, California, Florida, New Jersey, Michigan
Budget AnalystCalifornia, Texas, Florida, New York, Virginia
Top 5 US States Offering Consumer Services Jobs

What Skills Are Needed for All Consumer Services Industry Jobs?

5 things that all customer satisfaction jobs have in common are

  1. Customer-centric approach
    Helping customers and keeping their benefits and goals is the main duty of CS workers.
  2. Strong Communication
    As customer engagement is inevitable in these jobs. So, the job success of a CS workers depends upon how well he can communicate with consumers. Master active listening and eloquent deliveries to sound friendly, trustworthy and understandable.
  3. Problem-solving skills
    Customer support professionals encounter a myriad amount of problems. These issues can range from troubleshooting technical issues to resolving billing errors. To ensure service quality, they must solve them proficiently.

CS workers need to come up with creative and efficient solutions for customer troubles.

  1. Adaptability and Resilience

CS professionals encounter all types of people in their job. The situations can be very tricky sometimes. Hence, staying composed and resilient is crucial.

If you can handle pressure well and stay calm under stress, you can make a good career in this field.

  1. Empathy

Understanding customers’ emotions and needs is the key to a high-quality service.

When you can make the client feel heard, they start trusting your company.  It can simply turn a frustrated complaint into a positive experience.

Pro tip: You can learn better communication and business management from online, remote courses on platforms like Coursera, Udemy and Skillshare.

Where to Find Finance Consumer Service Jobs?

Following are the major job boards available for financial consumer services jobs:

●    Indeed

Indeed has a massive database which you can use to find a customer care job in different sectors including business and finance. To see open jobs within your area, set the filter to “finance jobs near me.

Similarly, you can search vacancies with specific salary and job type.

●    LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the go-to job board that recruiters use these days for talent hunting. With an optimized LinkedIn profile and strategic networking , you can avail tons of opportunities through this platform.
On one side, you can set job preferences and get notifications about current openings.

Secondly, you can follow business pages of major financial institutions. Familiarize yourself with their content. so, that you can prepare a tailored CV before you apply there.
 Also, you can connect and communicate with the potential employers. When they know you as a value-driven professional, they are more likely to offer your jobs when the need arises. 

●    Glassdoor

Glassdoor is another job board with thousands of job listings from various fields including finance.

But the best thing about Glassdoor is that you can see company reviews from previous and current workers. It lets you analyze whether or not it’s worth working at certain consumer service companies.

●    ZipRecruiter

Another online employment tool to find open jobs in consumer services is Zip Recruiters.

When you set up your profile at Zip recruiter. They will recommend you jobs based on your skills and qualifications.

●    eFinancialCareers

eFinancialCareers is an online platform that focuses on financial careers. On one side, you can search for and apply at different consumer finance jobs.

And on the other side, you can take your career to the next level with tips, news and industry insights on the eFinancial Careers’ blog.

Usually jobs in following niches are posted on this website:

  • Banking
    • Financial consultancy
    • Accountancy
    • Insurance
    • Marketing

●    The Talent Oasis by WSO

Like LinkedIn, Wall Street Oasis (WSO) is also a professional community. However, it is solely focused on finance-related occupations. This platform offers a job board, community forum, resume critique and mentorship.
You can check hundreds of job openings by create an account on the Talent Oasis (the job board of WSO).  These jobs usually revolve around:

  • Investment banking
  • Associate Technology
  • Finance analysis
Pro tip: Make your profile on multiple job boards to see more job listings.


What are the different types of customer service?

The customer service industry is diverse. It basically includes all fields where customers interact with the product/service provider.

Different communication channels are utilized in different types of consumer services, including:

  • Phone
  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Social media and online support portals
  •  On-site support

Are enough consumer services jobs available in USA?

Bureau of Labor Statistics survey infers 2, 982, 900 jobs are available in the United States. Plus, 373, 400 new openings are projected every year in consumer service companies.

What are the education requirements for consumer service workers?

Typically, entry-level consumer service agents have a high school certificate.

O*Net survey infers that nearly 55% of CS workers are only high school qualified. Among those who own college degrees, 17% have an associate while 14% have bachelor’s degrees.

Which basic skills you must have for a consumer services job?

The basic skills required for finance and other consumer services jobs are:

  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Stress management
  • Active listening
  • Interpersonal skills

Which top 5 countries offer consumer services jobs?

There is no definite answer to this query owing to the lack of standardized worldwide stats.

However, independent findings of Select Software Reviews mention USA, China, Japan, Germany, and UK to have highest number of CS jobs.

Any age requirement for customer service jobs?

Legally, the minimum age to work as a customer service agent is 16 years (on-site labor). However, many companies set their minimum age limits ranging anywhere from 18 to 30.


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