5 Great Tips For Writing a killer Resume-2024


When you apply for a position, there is a 10% chance to land an invite for a job interview. A 2024 Killer resume should not only cover the key components of a resume; but also, should be capable of treading across the software bots for a soared chance of getting a employment at target.

Whether you are formatting your professional document for the first time, or refreshing/ tailoring your application document – Here are a couple of tips to improve your resume, and help you get a job instantly:

  • Keep it concise
  • ATS friendly professional document
  • Keep it recent and relevant
  • Put in your social media profiles
  • Triple-check/ Proofread

Keep It Concise

Be it the resume core competencies section, education, or skill portion – long passages are not recommended. A convenient method to keep your resume brief is to just incorporate later, pertinent experience. 

It’s not generally important to incorporate your whole career history, overstating each and every skill since recruiters believe that 85% of applicants over-praise themselves in this professional document.

You are making a big slip if you are thinking to apply to each job with a sane resume. For each resume you convey, you’ll need to feature just the achievements and abilities that are fitting to this particular job. Some tips for writing a short, relevant, rockstar resume would be:

  • Avoid boring job descriptions. Give numbers to show how you were an asset in these past jobs.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing. Pick and include 5-6 keywords in the most natural way.
  • Readout loud. Once you are done with your resume, reading it loud would assist you in trimming redundant and vague resume portions!

ATS Friendly Resume

For evaluating resumes, ¾ of the larger businesses utilize Applicant Tracking Systems ATS. This software, without any human involvement, scans the applications for relevant keywords! Therefore, each time you apply for a position, perhaps the most valuable resume tip a job seeker can follow, is to customize your career document for important keywords.

Read the job ad minutely. Watch for what words, responsibilities, and skills a company is chasing and give your best to inculcate these keywords in your document. This way you are not only targeting your resume but also, making your application able to pass the ATS systems.

Keep it Recent and Relevant

Stick to what is the purpose of a resume! While writing the experience section, ensure that you cover the relevant positions first. List key achievements in the very beginning of each employment position, numbers and percentages are favored. For example, I, with my team, improved sales by 10% than last year.

In case you are an experienced individual, obey the rule of not adding experience farther than 10-15 recent years. Instead of listing a college-time internship, it is preferred to elaborate on your performance in the latest employment experience!

For further assurance, it’s always a good idea to ask a friend or free resume critique to check your employment document for relevancy, errors, formatting, and vagueness.

Put in your Social Media Profiles

Your social profiles can be an integral asset to enhance your experience and position as a specialist in your field IF they are optimized and professionally formatted. 

Rather than attempting to have your resume cover everything, encompass the major and relevant information in your job application. And afterward, provide a link to your website, LinkedIn profile where a hiring manager can discover more of what can you offer!
However, in case your social profiles are not expertly professional, don’t show them on your resume, and ensure they are set to private.

Triple-Check/ Proofread

Ensure a mistake-free resume. In case your occupation documents has spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes, it’s okay for hiring managers to presume that your work will, as well.
These botches simply demonstrate to the business that you weren’t intrigued enough with this job position to go through the exertion of spell-checking your resume.

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