5 Best Practices to Minimize Job Rejection


In a competitive world like today, where dozens or even more applications for a single job post, job rejection is not a surprise. You may be more competent, more conscientious, but a little under convincing to persuade your hiring manager!

Believe me! It is not a hot potato, and you will cut the mustard only if you look at following best practices to minimize job rejection and spot how do successful job seekers hatch such real deals!


Considering EVERY possible job option, we certainly end up puzzled – more specifically nowhere. No matter how inane it may seem, take a paper/ laptop and try granting words to your actual long-term plan. Try not to wither your time applying to all 45 job positions on the rundown you made. Plan your job search, cut it based on what you really wanna do in life!

Your future job target will aid you to decide on what jobs you want to devote and invest your energies and time! For instance, you want to open a Graphic-Design software house in the future – be a professional all-rounder in graphic designing – if I am more particular, then event planning may not fit your long-term plan! You would perhaps explore opportunities in logo designing, flash designing, multimedia, and photoshop.

Create a Job-Winning Resume

Now that your mind is laser-focused, you must appreciate that 70% of resumes don’t even touch the hiring manager’s desk! The majority of companies now use ‘Automated Tracking Systems’ ATS systems. These systems are fed with a certain criterion, so build a resume that beats the ATS?

Research and learn ways to make your resume ATS-friendly. To create a job-winning resume, attend ways picking the right resume format, and file type; be conscientious while choosing ATS-friendly writing style, adding job-relevant keywords, and ATS-friendly job descriptions.

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Sustain your Momentum and Focus your End Goal

Stay organized by planning what positions you need to apply to this week, how many you already applied to, and, their follow-up dates. Treat yourself to some relaxation time, your fun time may help you brainstorm and apply more creatively this time. A healthy-minded job seeker celebrates small wins and learns big along the way!

Following these simple approaches, your breathing mind will improve your psychological behaviors. Celebrating an interview call, getting linked to a big cheese on LinkedIn, passing your first interview for a position are some small events. Being grateful and celebrating these milestones, you will feel roused to continue moving forward!

Is it Possible to Get Hired After Being Rejected?

Its answer is similar to if I can score better in the next class or not. Well, I can! Why? Because now I know what NOT TO REPEAT. I can smash hit this time practicing areas where I lacked.

You may get in contact with a hiring manager over an email, inquiring concisely and calmly for the rejection reasons. If you get a reply, you’re lucky to improve and land a tickle-pink situation. It is all about taking tiny steps and coming back better this time!


Bringing up the rear, sinking and swimming go arm in arm. What matters is being a better version of yourself, learning from shortcomings, and focusing on DOING better, because like the present – there is no time. Focus, maintaining momentum, keeping up with the modern hiring technology, building confidence, and relevant experience is what one really wants to overcome future rejections. Best of Luck!

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