Key Differences Between the CV and Resume


A resume is a one- or two-page document that provides a summary of the skills and experience of the applicant. It should be concise and clear in a form that attracts the interest of the reader in a moment. The resume format depends on the experience, position, and the industry in which the applicant is applying. There are three types of setups used in the resume that are chronological, functional, and combined. The chronological format is the most popular amongst these because it highlights the experience duration and job titles. However, those applicants who aim to change their field should go for the functional format as it focuses on the skills rather than job titles. The combined format consists of a chronological and functional setting that focuses on the abilities and work experience.

A CV is a detailed document that demonstrates the skills and expertise of an applicant in a specified method. The CV concentrates on the full career history of the applicant chronologically. The professional CV format covers the important aspects of the entire career of the applicant, including education, skills, accomplishments, publications, honors, and awards. The sections of the CV should be in an organized and uniform manner.

DO’s and DON’Ts in A CV/Resume:

To build a strong curriculum vitae (CV) or resume, the applicant must consider the do’s and don’ts so that he may not get overlooked by the HR of any organization.

The candidate should add the career summary, job objective, and awards to make his resume and CV more attractive.Things that should not be mentioned are any irrelevant personal information that is the race, date of birth, and religion.
CV/Resume must have a designed and attractive template with a cover letter attached to it. Final version of both the CV and resume should be in a PDF format instead of a Word document file to avoid any disorder.Do not state any white lies and too lengthy texts that are hard to read in a quick go.
Differences Between the CV and Resume
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