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Did you spend countless hours applying for jobs and didn’t get a fair job offer to consider? If yes, then you might need a solution. Building a perfect resume to land you a dream job might be challenging. Of course, there’s tough competition in the job market, but the crux of the matter is your resume. Others can easily outshine you if your resume isn’t up to the mark, even if you’re a pedigree pro. Some of the factors that can lead your resume to trash can be a poor layout, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, messy or little information, and unclear points about your current working status. Many people don’t know how to sell their achievements and continue to struggle because of their resume quality. Personality branding is an important key to resume writing.

Are you aware of the time recruiters stare at your resume? It’s not more than 30 seconds. If you desire to come out on top, we would suggest using a professional resume writing service.

Resume writing services are businesses or self-employed individuals who contribute to enhancing your resumes’, so you get noticed by the recruiting team. They all use their strategies to provide users with a perfect overview with efficient customer support and fast turnaround time. You can easily find many professional sites offering resume writing services so, to save you from scams, we’ve researched and found the top resume writing services in U.S:

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Starting from, this site is known for the “best guarantees” it offers to its clients for resume writing services. ZipJob focuses on making the resume writing process as easy and professional as possible.

ZipJob uses tech-informed resume layouts to pass the Applicant Tracking System- A system used by 90% of employers in the U.S. to manage and sort job applications. So, ZipJob matches your resume with the professional resume writer of your field, and you can collaborate with your writer throughout the process until you’re satisfied with the results. And what about the best guarantee? Well, ZipJob provides you 60 days promise of 2 times more interview calls, and if their resume failed to perform as guaranteed, they would make a new professional resume for you for free.

Coming to their pricing range, the starting affordable resume writing services of ZipJob price range from $139 to $299 with a turnaround time of 4-7 days. This standard package ensures that your resume gets through the ATS and reach the hiring manager. Its” fast track” package comes with a 60-day interview guarantee, cover letter, and ATS scanning.

If you want to know how your resume looks to HR managers and recruiters, you can use “ZipJob free resume review” for expert feedback, ATS scanning evaluation, and design and formatting critique for free.

Founded in 2014, TopResume is a prominent name in the business of Resume Writing. It’s Founder Jeff Berger who worked for a long time in the Resume writing industry before founding TopResume. According to the website, TopResume has a team of over 1,200 professional writers, certified career coaches, HR managers, recruiters with dedicated experience in more than 65 industries. You can check TrustPilot for their 4000 plus 5-star reviews. They offer the same services as ZipJob but with a difference in the pricing plan. Comparatively, they are more established than ZipJob and a bit expensive. Their packages also include ATS scanning, 60 days double interview guarantee, cover letter, and LinkedIn makeover.

Their starting package “Professional Growth” costs $149, including a professionally written resume, ATS-friendly layout, and Keyword optimization. Their bestselling package, “Career Evolution,” also includes a custom cover letter and a 60-day interview guarantee worth $219. If you want a LinkedIn makeover, you can upgrade the package to “Executive Priority,” which will cost you around $349. TopResume also offers free resume scanning before you opt for their professional help.

As you know, LinkedIn is an excellent platform for job hunting, building virtual contacts, growing networks, and searching for perfect job candidates but what many of us don’t know is that it also has a professional marketplace for digital services called “LinkedInProFinder.” It works as a freelance platform, but you can get help for resume writing from HR managers and recruiters globally after checking their profile, and I think it’s the safest way to go for the services here. You can see past client reviews before deciding. LinkenInProFinder ensures that freelancers are experts in their field. “The ProFinder concierge team” reviews all the applications that include a complete profile of Pros before they join the marketplace.

“The Muse” is an “online career platform”, offering a unique model to provide resume assistance. Instead of text-based interaction, “The Muse” connects you with an expert coach via Skype call or phone call to help you with your resume. You can purchase time with the best career coaches before getting your resume updated. “The Muse” offers three plans: the “Mentor Plan” costs you $199 for chatting with your coach on call before the edit. The second plan worth $225 and offers a 45 min call with two revisions for updating your resume.

Finally, the “Master coach” plan worth $479 includes a 60-minute call and unlimited edits for two weeks. You can choose any career coach available on it. “The Muse” provides excellent results, good customer service, and affordable rates.

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