I Need Help Finding a Job: How to Get A Job ASAP


You’ve been unemployed, just stepping into your professional career, wanna get rid of your unpleasant and unsupportive office environment, or looking for better remuneration; whatever the grounds are – getting recruited for a position requires a ton of exertion from both the business and the job aspirant.

To amplify your pursuit of employment, this article has got amazing ways from personalizing the cover letter to sending a thank you mail post-interview.

In 2021, an average applicant takes 3-6 months for a typical job search. However, switch career attainment isn’t a slim chance. However; you as a job seeker; would need to remember a couple of things during the journey – as a typical job hunt activity could be tedious and long-winded.

  • Flexile expectations
  • A positive and long-term mindset
  • Don’t sound desperate, Chill!

In this article, “we have put together a list of some workable tips” so you can build your shots at getting recruited rapidly in a field/ job position you are attentive to.

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Apply for Target Employment

“We can’t be the jack of all trades, right?” Even if you are – companies today aren’t looking for one! They desire niche experts.

Showcase yourself as a professional in your field; whether it’s your resume, cover letter, job interview, social/ LinkedIn profiles – all of them should loudly convey whether you are a website developer or a digital marketing expert, or a mathematician.

Since time is limited, it’s fruitful to avoid squandering for vacancies you are not inspired with.

Set aside the effort to sort out the kind of position you would truly appreciate – which matches your qualifications, past experience, skillset, and aptitudes. You may give weightage to job time, job place/ business location, office environment, colleagues, remuneration/ rewards; while selecting your ideal job.

Now that you know the cruciality of applying for target employment, make a list of your industry-specific keywords. Use them only to search for job opportunities online. Adjusted to your requirements, you’ll be shown only the opportunities which clearly define your goals.

This activity keeps the job hunt venture easier and interesting.

Target Similar Companies

Targeting businesses in your job search is an extremely convenient and smart approach.

If you simply go after any position openings you find – we would say it’s only a drain of your energies and time.

At the point when the organization isn’t an ideal choice for your abilities, capabilities, and objectives; there isn’t a lot of point in seeking after promising circumstances there.

Therefore, it’s advised to research the organizations before applying – by that we mean; the work presumably won’t turn out for you—or for the organization if, for instance, the company is going through financial challenges.

Applying for a Job at Target

Applying for a job at target eases your hunt of how to get a job asap. Applying for a target field is congruent to a targeted job application where an applicant addresses the needs of the target company – which is the main essence of applying for job opportunities.

Whether it’s the resume reading software or a hiring manager or the interview panel – they are judging you and your capabilities for that peculiar position and expect you to meet these position necessities.

Avoid the generic approach of bombing each and every job opening with that obsolete and boring resume. Instead, be slogging and selective. Make a list of target jobs say 3-5. Research the companies and tailor your resume for each of these 5 jobs.

Job boards, career fairs, company websites, and networking can help a lot in this regard.

Personalize Cover Letter

Your resume depicts your abilities and what makes you outstanding. To stand separated among contending applicants, you need a continue that exhibits your characteristics and presents yourself as an optimal counterpart for the work.

Job candidates generally don’t invest the time to personalize the resume and cover letter to fit the work they are applying to. It wastes the hiring team’s time and efforts and they in return waste your application.

Customizing your application to the job at target boosts your possibility to land a job interview, some quick tricks of accomplishing this goal could be:

  • Convey the passion for this position
  • Induce relevant keywords: take help from job ad or web
  • Highlight that you are qualified for this job
  • Explain how the company can benefit from you
  • Avoid overstating your skillset and capabilities

Customize Resume for Each Position

As much as personalizing the cover letter is crucial, the same is the case with customizing your resume/ application document to the desired position.

95% of Fortune 500 organizations make use of Automated Tracking systems to skim your document for job relevancy, and keywords. Plus, the hiring manager spends only a few seconds to determine whether or not he/ she wants to know more.

This is why customizing the resume is the current need. Who would want to be discarded, right?

Interview with a Story

Things keep evolving and the same is with the interview regimes. Behavioral interview questions have made their space in the employee screening process where a potential employee is demanded to start off with a concise answer and a further elaboration in a story or in other words a real scenario from his past job experiences.

Learned job description by heart, gathered words to define why you are an ideal fit, made a list of your strengths – you would also want to make and rehearse some stories from the previous employments.

Recalling these tiny details may not be easy, though preparing them beforehand is a proactive approach. You wouldn’t want yourself to be dazed when the employer asks, “Tell me a time when you…” for instance “learned the importance of time management at your past workplace”.

Thank You Message After The Interview

Sending a thank you email after an interview showcases your being interested in the vacant position. If 10 applied for the job and only 3 followed up – it’s no harm to be in those three!

Obviously, your selection depends upon the quality of your resume, capabilities, and performance in the interview – but small gestures like these always work to your benefit.

A good thank you email after the interview is a gentle reminder of you, your skills, and your qualifications. It’s a chance to convey something, achievements, and accomplishments, for example, you didn’t get a chance to discuss in the interview setting.

Bottom Line

Confidence and self-appraisal always work to one’s benefit. Job hunting isn’t easy, we know! But keeping a positive attitude during difficult times is all that counts!

Delays in getting a job asap might add to one’s stress. Though, you gotta be smart and patient in the process.

Taking some time out for a walk, eating healthy, family time, drinking water helps you in staying positive during hard times. Take small breaks and don’t let your confidence be shaken. Good Luck!

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