7 Job Search Tips for Mature Job Seekers


Residents aged 55 to 65 make up 42.4 million of the population in the United States today. However, employers nowadays prioritize the age factor of the occupational candidates seemingly inescapable besides other influencing ingredients of an ideal job candidate!

Businesses are often reluctant in hiring a developed and mature work candidate for the position at target field, some widely recognized assumptions – right or wrong – enduring behind such a choice are:

  • Whether the established candidate has been staying aware of the most recent information and strategies in their field
  • Have less energy and core interest – Lack inspiration
  • Rather difficult to mold/ adapt
  • Demands more pay and benefits than a juvenile employee
  • Medical leaves/ senior considerations
  • Either don’t comprehend or fear innovation
  • Techno phobic

These myths need not keep you down! Being familiar with this mindset would definitely help you conquer these stereotypes – and would enable you to show managers the advantages your additional long stretch of relevant work experience can bring to the organization!

In case you’re more than 50, the way into an effective pursuit of employment isn’t just to discredit the negative generalizations which exist. We’ve gathered 7 genuine job search tips, which can lift your chance, to turn up trumps as a mature jobseeker!

  • Embrace your sphere
  • “Figure out how to market yourself
  • Reach out to your network and new contacts
  • Refresh your resume”
  • Accent on why and how you can be an asset
  • Keep prevailing
  • Keep on putting yourself out there

Embrace your Sphere

“Acceptance makes an incredible soil for the seeds of change.” _Steve Maraboli.

Age, regardless of the number, is a resource: Think of it as your fortification in variety. Truly, a variety of thoughts is basic to the endurance of a significant number of the present organizations. Whatever age you’re, embrace and market your long periods of involvement for your potential benefit; to show that you comprehend and can serve the necessities of a specific target field.

Once you yourself are confident about it, you would be in a better position to spotlight the industry-beneficial side of it, and eschew the prevailing age myths!

Figure Out How to Market Yourself

Zero in on your qualities in the pursuit of employment. With age comes viewpoint, insight, development, and experience (both work and life). Market yourself around these significant characteristics.

Keep your abilities refreshed and look for preparing in case you’re somewhat corroded relevant to tasks important in the field. Or in case you’re keen on adding new devices to your competencies’ compartment. Your age isn’t inside your control, however, your activities and demeanor are.

“Reach Out to Your Network and New Contacts”

70% of people claim to grab a employment opportunity by networking in the company.
Go far beyond sending your resume and requesting that others “pay special heed to you.” Instead, arm your network with explicit data that they can impart to their associations; whenever career openings emerge that match your inclinations.

Furnish them with a rundown of ideas or achievements that will plainly detail how your experience matches positions or jobs that are a fit for you. The simpler you make it for others to advocate for you – the more probable you’ll have accomplishment in getting another employment chance.

Community job clubs, seminars, LinkedIn, college alumni, managers, and colleagues you met in the past employments are some of many sources you can expand your network!

“Refresh your Resume”

By now you realize the significance of relevance in the primary resume components. Let’s hop to the age 50 friendly resume tips.

Start with invigorating your resume. Try not to allow managers to quickly excuse you dependent on your age by “age-sealing” your resume. There’s no compelling reason to specify each work you’ve done since graduation. Cut off your work insight to the last 10 – 15 years and keep it pertinent to the work you’re wanting to land.

Free Resume Evaluation May Assist you In This Regard.
Leave off the dates of your formal education. Do list dates of the late courses, certificates, training, and workshops you’ve procured; in addition to gatherings and conferences you’ve joined in, to get across that you invest heavily in keeping refurbished in your field.

Accent on Why and How you Can Be an Asset

Your experience and years in the labor force give you basic fundamental abilities, gifts, and capacities that more youthful specialists don’t have. Stressing these qualities can separate you. These qualities incorporate your critical thinking abilities, hardworking attitude, trustworthiness, loyalty, and initiative.

Keep Prevailing

Read insatiably about your industry, your most prominent work abilities, and keep regularly updated on patterns and strategies in your field.

On the off chance that there’s a hotly debated issue or idea that everybody’s discussing, you ought to be, as well. Stay on the ball with both your range of abilities and information and your age will not keep you down.

Keep on Putting Yourself Out There

Regardless, whether you have got an interview call from different spots, Keep on going after extra positions and contact your organization and new contacts. When your pursuit of employment gets rolling, center around keeping various leads in play consistently.

A greater part of the occupation searchers follow up two to three job opportunities in turn, and on the off chance that these fail to work out, they expect that the hunt is sad. Try not to allow yourself to be on the loose. Keep on putting yourself out there.

Individuals do get recruited – more than 50 and in difficult task markets.
This habit of being continually in the hunt for better opportunities, would not only gift you a sense of security and awareness especially if you reside in a competitive job market – but also would push you towards raising your present skill set.

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