Do You Need a Summary on a Resume? With Two Examples


Yes, the summary is prime resume real estate. This is the first information the hiring manager will review and could make or break your client’s chances. It is a vital aspect of the resume strategy. It sells the reader on you as a viable, qualified candidate by quickly answering the question, “why are you the best person for the job?” rather than placing the burden on the reader to search your history for the qualifications they seek.

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Importance of Resume Summary

To secure a dream job, summary with rich industry keywords in key to success. A brief, through or concise introduction of your professional background in compliance with keywords requirements of targeted position is really information. Outline in a resume is important, as it intimates HR about your targeted position and core skills, experiences, abilities, and expertise.

“How to Create a Resume Summary”

There are three types of introduction paragraph,

Executive brief statement or Professional career profile

Summary for entry-level candidate

Career Change brief statement

Parts of Summary

  • Targeted job title
  • Branding statement
  • Core expertise related to targeted position from previous background
  • Leadership or management skills
  • Soft skills

The following techniques will help ensure your starting paragraph is keyword-rich and targeted to your future goals:
Please mention exact name of your future goal or wanted position. Your profile statement should be reflection of your professional background and skills according to the requirements of selected position.

Length of Resume Outline

It should be short and concise, 4-6 lines listed in order of relevance. Every line or statement should be on 1 or 1.5 line. It should be placed at the top of your document under the contact information. As the HR don’t have enough time to read all the document so the opening paragraph sometimes it is called Qualifications Profile, Skill Summary, or executive summary.

What Do You Put In a Resume Summary?

We should have to describe relevant qualifications and skills (do not list past job duties or achievements here, that’s what the work history is for).

Please make sure to add reach industry keywords of the desired position. The winning summary have only included details relevant to the jobs the client is applying for; keep the phrasing consistent.

There should be no plagiarise content, using unique phrasing for each client is mandatory.

What is a Summary Statement on a Resume

  • It is called branding statement which has four parts
  • Two suitable attributes add post later
  • Professional or Starter
  • Total number of experiences
  • Field of experience
  • Resume Summary Examples
  • Product & Project Profile

Resume Summary Examples

Product & Project Profile

Technically minded and solutions oriented UX Research Assistant with hands-on experience in contributing to development and launch of product by monitoring lifecycle design phases, from initial client brainstorms to timely project completion. Known for testing and aligning product with users’ needs; conduct strategic user acceptance tests aimed at maximising product quality. Capable of spearheading and completing high-revenue projects under budget and on time; devise and implement leading-edge project governance plans. Adept at providing high-level administrative support and increasing efficiency of office operations. Repeated success in meeting and exceeding defined business goals; establish and execute customised solutions within an agile method. Ability to build and maintain robust relationships at all levels.

Areas of Expertise:

Project Planning & Execution | Event Management | UX Research | Database Administration Change Management

Product Development | Budgeting & Cost Reduction | Stock & Inventory Management | Contract Management

Documentation & Reporting | Quality Assurance & Control | Team Building & Leadership | Process Improvement

Product Designs & Testing | Agile & Scrum Methodologies | System Deployment & Administration | Administrative Support

UX & UI Management | Business Analytics | User Experience Improvement | Social Media Management

Web Programming & Coding | Regulatory Compliance | Issue & Problem Resolution | Profit & Revenue Optimisation

Accounting and Finance Professional

Highly analytical and detail-oriented individual currently pursuing Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Finance. Possess hands-on experience financial transactions management and cash administration. Knowledgeable in economic and accounting principles and practices required for checking the accuracy of figures, calculations, and postings pertaining to business transactions recorded by other workers. Skilled at transferring ideas into actionable plans; evaluate and appreciate other’s opinion and ideas. Solid background in steering and mentoring cross-functional teams for operational excellence. Capable of operating computers programmed with accounting software to record, store, and analyse financial information. Ability to prepare financial statements, give advice on all aspects of accounting and finance, and audit costs/other financial and budgetary data aimed at minimising financial variations.

Accounting & Finance Practices | Cash Handling | Account Reconciliation | Bookkeeping & Budgeting

Financial Analysis & Planning | Data Management | Sales Management & Growth | Customer Service

Time Management | Effective Communication | MS Office Suite | Accounting Projects

Cost Reduction | Management Accounting | Documentation & Reporting | Problem Resolution

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