How To Write LinkedIn Summary Examples And Reusable Templates


The LinkedIn About Me section is one of the main sections that others (especially potential recruiters!) read when they visit your profile. So, it must be well-written to not capture the attention of readers but also impress them.

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As John Maxwell said:

“People will summarize your life in one sentence-pick it now.”

And your LinkedIn bio is where you can summarize your professional life in just a few lines.

That’s why, in this post, I have added answers to various commonly asked questions about the summary section, like

  • Where is the About Me section on LinkedIn,
  • How many words can I write,
  • What to include in your LinkedIn summary,
  • And most importantly, how to write an about me section on LinkedIn.

To make it further clear, I have included examples of LinkedIn summaries from the real world alongside reusable templates.

But first, let’s see what makes a summary good:

What Is A Good Summary For LinkedIn Profile?

A good LinkedIn profile summary lets your profile visitor know who you are and what are your skills and professional interests.

With a long character limit, you have enough room here to explain your professional background and prove yourself as the subject matter expert.

But coming up with a great LinkedIn summary can be hard. Unlike the profile headline, it’s the part where you can share your whole story and explain your brand vision.

But you also have to take care that you don’t make it too long and boring that no one bothers to give it a complete read.

Best LinkedIn Summaries Examples

LinkedIn Summary Examples For IT Professionals

Jennifer profile bio presents an example of how people from IT fields can introduce themselves without sounding too technical.

linkedin profile summary examples for it professionals

Why this summary sparkles:

  • She starts off by describing herself in a line that hints about her passion, experience, and interpersonal ethics.
  • She uses specificity to describe her experience. Her summary clearly shows that she has 15 years of network administration, cloud services, and production experience.
  • Throughout the first and second paragraphs, she shows her personality, describing how intuition has been her greatest strength, conscientiousness her biggest concern, and documentation upgradation her most effective work habit.

LinkedIn Summary Examples For HR Professionals

Ammara Zamurad brief bio says a lot about her personality and her HRM skills.

good hr linkedin summary

Why this summary sparkles:

  • Her style is so conversational that you feel like talking to her in real while reading her summary.
  • Simple lines like “A beginner in the field of Talent Acquisition who never throws your resumes in the bin” tell she’s a fresher but has the knack of the HR field (cordiality and openness to new ideas).
  • “Always hungry, both for food and knowledge” hints at her personal traits, making it more authentic and interesting to read. 

LinkedIn Summary Examples For Teachers

The About section of Hannah’s profile is one of the best LinkedIn summary examples for education I came across.

example teacher linkedin summary

Why this summary sparkles:

  • In the first sentence, she sets herself apart from other teachers, referring to her cross-cultural communication abilities. Then, she based her professional story on the same cross-cultural fascination.
  • She added URLs to her language teaching courses, which is dually beneficial. It proves her experience and encourages new students to sign up for the courses.
  • Instead of keeping the LinkedIn bio limited to her professional story, she also adds a personal touch by mentioning her passion for travel and volunteering.
  • Lastly, she urges people with similar interests to reach out.

LinkedIn Summary Examples For Project Manager

The best example I could find for the LinkedIn bio of a project manager is by Shumaim Rashid, a manager and content creator from the USA.

project manager linkedin summary examples

Why this summary sparkles:

  • Initially, she takes advantage of storytelling to spark readers’ interest in her bio.
  • After setting up the base, she enlists her key skills and describes how these skills can add value to a project.
  • Ending up, she gives a short and sweet one-liner description of herself.

LinkedIn Summary Examples For Marketing And Business Development

Connor’s bio is one of the most inspiring LinkedIn bio examples marketing and business development experts.

Why this summary sparkles:

  • She creates an enticing hook through storytelling. She writes about her interest in business growth processes and how it made her choose the business development career.
  • She continues with her story and describes what skills and mindset make her good at her job. This makes sure you keep reading her career summary.
  • Then she adds a personal touch by saying that she loves to play Hockey, ride a motorcycle, and explore the Great State of Texas.
  • She ends up with a clear CTA and a big promise. The last line mentions her email and prompts business owners to start a talk about growing their business with a no-loss guarantee.

LinkedIn Summary Examples For Healthcare

As a healthcare worker, you can take inspiration from the LinkedIn Bio of Muhammad Zain, a researcher and dental care professional from Glasgow.

Why this summary sparkles: 

  • It shows how LinkedIn formatting About me section can make your summary stand out from other healthcare workers who just put all of that in one big bulky paragraph.
  • Enlisting the technical and soft skills separately saves the reader from ambiguity and highlights his professional worth.
  • He finishes the summary by inviting like-minded professionals to connect and discuss industry knowledge and impact.

LinkedIn Summary Examples Data Scientist

Looking for LinkedIn summary examples for data scientists, I found the brief but all-inclusive profile bio of Syed Rameel Ahmed.

Why this summary sparkles: 

  • Rameel positioned himself as a passionate data scientist and highlighted his specific areas of interest. This way, a reader will know from the first line what his profile is all about.
  • Immediately after introducing his professional interests and working style, he welcomes potential clients who want to get in touch with an automation expert like him.
  • The last two lines briefly enlist his experience and skills. As these are short and crisp, a viewer will easily know what he’s got as a data expert.

LinkedIn About Me Section Examples For Students

Nikhil Parmar’s profile is a good example of how students can present their skills and knowledge in their LinkedIn bio.

Why this summary sparkles:

  • He started his introduction with his current degree and backed up his educational profile with his previous academic achievements.
  • To further strengthen his profile, he talked about his professional experience and stated how he plans to proceed in the future.
  • He ends with a CTA, saying he’s open to opportunities centered around his area of expertise.

Military LinkedIn Summary Examples

One of the good LinkedIn about me examples of a military personnel is Joe Campbell’s bio, who is an armed corporate security officer.

Why this summary sparkles:

  • Before explaining with experience, he makes a clear announcement that he’s open to new opportunities.
  • Then he establishes his expertize by mentioning all the roles he has worked during his 25 years in the military.
  • What makes this summary stand out is its organization and formatting. Joe uses different paragraphs and lists to describe his experience, certifications, and specialties, making the whole section easily readable.

Software Developer LinkedIn About Me Example          

If you are looking for a LinkedIn summary template for a software or web developer, Kiibati’s profile is a good example.

Why this summary sparkles:

  • He uses bullet points to enlist his experience, so anyone looking into his profile will know at a glance how experienced of a website and software developer he is.
  • He added his website’s link in the summary to encourage others to visit his portfolio.
  • Besides telling he has experience in mobile apps, web, and game software development, he also uses specificity to prove his expertise. That’s why he wrote the names of coding languages he knows and has used in different projects.

Why your LinkedIn summary is important?

The importance of LinkedIn summary is ascertained by the fact that recruiters do check this section when making the decision for new employees, as a corporate recruiter explains in a Reddit discussion.

In short, your LinkedIn summary can help you:

●        Get Discovered By Recruiters

Your profile will get ranked higher when recruiters search for the keywords relating to your skills and experience you have added in your About section.

This increases the probability of getting exciting job offers and retaining clients.

A study conducted on the effect of LinkedIn profiles on hiring trends shows that people having an unoptimized LinkedIn profile have the lowest callback rates.

Even lower than people who don’t have a LinkedIn profile!

The results represented a similar trend for entry-level, mid-level, and managerial-level professionals.

●        Tell Your Story In Your Own Words

As we said earlier, a LinkedIn bio is just like a digital elevator pitch i.e., introduce yourself to a potential recruiter in 3 minutes.

It must be concise enough to retain the attention of the reader, but at the same time, it gives you more room to explain your skillset than resume bullets.

●        An Opportunity To Grow Your Network

CTA in your bio can encourage like-minded people and actively recruiting HR managers to contact you.

In short, the About Me section LinkedIn when crafted a bit differently, can really help you stand out among peers.

Following are some tips on how you can change an ordinary summary to an engaging, interesting, and effective Bio:

How To Write A Crazy Effective LinkedIn Summary?

Well, it is subjective and largely depends on your purpose for being on this professional platform.

But simply put, an effective LinkedIn summary should give the reader a tint of your personality, talents and skills.

Now, there can be many ways to write a good LinkedIn bio, just as you can introduce yourself in many ways. But the recommended formula for writing an effective professional summary on LinkedIn is the following:

  1. An attention-grabbing introduction
  2. Body paragraphs describing you as a professional
  3. Final point (it could be your future goals or preferably a call to action)

Besides that, keep the following points in mind when you write a great LinkedIn summary to make it effective and inspiring:

1.     Jot Down A Rough Draft, Then Polish It

As the famous quote by Justice Louis Brandeis goes, “There is no great writing, only great rewriting,” you cannot craft the best professional summary in the first go.

It will take way longer and will not be a refined version, anyway!

The first step is to write down all the details about your professional life on a piece of paper or a digital document.

  •  Your education, skills, certification, internships, projects, and job experiences.
  • Also, describe why you have chosen this career path, what excites you the most about it, and what unique skills or perspective you have that makes you different from other professionals in the industry.

Once all this information is collected in a document, you can easily trim and polish it into an engaging and effective LinkedIn summary.

The next tips will help you convert your first draft to a summary that provides you with business leads and great connections.

2.     Hook The Reader In The First 2 Lines

Force the readers to click on See more and read your whole summary.

Adding stats or highlighting an interesting point from your story is a good way to grab the attention of your profile visitors.

For example, an interesting LinkedIn Bio may start as:

  • In 7 years of my sales and marketing career, I have learned one fact about small business owners…
  • Growing up in a cottage, I always had a direct exposure and attraction to nature. But coming to the city, I really missed that connection. So…

3.     Showcase Your Experience

● When mentioning experience, specificity makes things look more intriguing and impressive. Using stats and numbers will spice up your bio.

○   Mention the exact duration (years/months) for each experience

○   Write down the names of your past projects

Also, mention the results your organization achieved due to work to highlight your professional worth.

●  Another useful tip to increase your perceived value is to add your thoughts on the purpose and impact of your projects.

4.     Highlight Your Skills

After your work experience, enlist your key skills. Again, specificity can help you stand out.

  • List the sub-skills you are an expert at.
  • Don’t forget to mention the specific niches your skills are valuable for.

For instance, if you are a beauty copywriter or a gym equipment copywriter?

  • Mention the courses you took to master these skills. This tip especially helps build authority when you are a recent graduate with no real work experience.

5.     Make It Lively And Bright

Your LinkedIn summary is all about you. So, feel free to give a personal touch to its words, tone, and styling.

Add In Some Personality

Don’t just write the name of your industry, organization, and projects in your bio.

Instead share your opinion. Tell why you are in this particular niche, what makes you most excited about your work, and your perspective on coping with challenges in your field.

People naturally become interested in your story when you show personality while describing your experience and skills.

Passion combined with a subtle touch of personality and style is what makes people curious and willing to get in touch.

Don’t Be A Copycat

It is your “About Me” section, so it should represent your characteristic style and tone. That’s why using someone else sentences is not a brilliant idea.

Your bio must sound like YOU!

It is useful and recommended to look at others’ summaries for inspiration. But don’t try to copy others word for word.

Even if you are using a template, customize it accordingly so that it sounds like you.

Describe Your Why

Writing about why you are in a certain field describes your authentic association with your work. This way, the chances increase that the reader will acknowledge you as a professional and trust your opinion.

Don’t Be Too Stiff

Avoid to write LinkedIn summary in too stiff and formal language.

Your LinkedIn profile provides an overview of your professional journey, just as your CV. But do remember that it is a social media platform and not a traditional, formal resume.

That’s why everything you put on it should be professional yet not too formal.

Make It Easygoing

Create a flow. That’s because you don’t want to make it hard for readers to continue; rather, your goal is to entice them with your story till the very end.

Be More Conversational

Write like you are talking to your reader. Relax your tone and be conversational and friendly. You don’t need to be rigid, boring, and too serious to sound like a professional.

Speak In The First Person

Some people use a third-person narrative in their bio. But that sounds more like a formal announcement and may make the reader quit.

After all, it’s your “about me” section; there’s no point in writing it like another person introducing you to an audience.

 It should sound like you are telling your profile visitors about yourself and your professional journey.

6.     Keep It Brief

No one wants to read long, boring paragraphs on your job experience at different places unless you are a crazy good storyteller and keep your visitors hooked line after line, paragraph after paragraph.

Definitely, it’s not impossible, and I recommend you go for it if you have the guts.

But surely, it’s difficult and not the case for most people.

So, the best way to ensure your summary section gets read completely is to keep it short, crisp, and straightforward.
While writing the summary, think about crafting an elevator pitch, not about writing a professional biography!

7.     Use Spaces And Bullets To Increase Readability

Good formatting is the secret tool that makes a piece of writing shine. It is the biggest factor that makes a text easy to read and understand.

Instead of writing your whole professional summary as a single, big block of text, break it down into easily digestible small paragraphs and bullet points.

It increases readability and gives a quick overview of your professional proficiency even if someone doesn’t read the whole summary word by word.

Your LinkedIn profile bio can help you rank higher in talent hunt searches.

If your summary contains keywords relevant to your niche, chances are greater that recruiters will find your profile higher in the list when they search for a skilled person.

For example, if you are a freelance writer with experience in soccer, add words like soccer writer, sports writer, and freelance content writer to your profile summary.

However, avoid keyword stuffing and only use a word where that goes with the flow and sounds natural.

9.     Humanize Your Words

With the recent overflow of AI content all over the internet, sounding robotic is not going to make you sound unique.

The best option is to write your “about me” section yourself.

And even if you are taking some help from an AI tool to write the sentence, plan what to write by yourself. Don’t go for the common, clichéd sentences created by Chatgpt for your summary.

No bot can describe your experience as you can.

AI Tools

10.     Add A CTA

Put a call to action at the end of your summary, especially when seeking a new job. This hack also comes in handy for networking.

Other professionals with similar interests and mindsets would love to get in touch with a friendly, like-minded person. And your CTA ascertains that you would also like to connect them.

You can urge others to send you a LinkedIn connection invite, message you on LinkedIn, approach you through email, or visit your website.

LinkedIn About Me Ideas And Templates

Here are a few templates to help you craft a summary or about me section in LinkedIn:

●    LinkedIn Summary Template For Students

Here is a simple template for writing a LinkedIn summary examples for students and recent graduates:

“Being a ____ geek, I opted for _____ as my major in ____ university. Taking courses like ____ has further charged up my enthusiasm for ____.

During my degree, I also joined ____ organization, providing services as a ____ intern. Besides that, I have participated in college events like_____ and my key skills include:


I am an outspoken team worker who tries to lend a helping hand whenever needed and come up with creative solutions.

I’m always looking forward to talking and patching up with inspiring people. So, why wait? Let’s connect and have a talk! “

●    LinkedIn Summary Template For Career Changers

If you have or are switching careers, the following template can help you develop a profile bio that speaks true to your passion and makes you look skilled and suitable for the new job:

“With a work experience of _____ years in _____industry, I have learned valuable things like ____.  While I love my work as a _____, I have also gradually developed a keen interest in _____.

So, I enrolled into the _____ course to get a hook on the skills required by a professional ____.

Doing these courses, I discovered how well ____ matches with my natural abilities.

And combining it with my previous experience from ____ industry, I bring a lot of value to the table. I achieved ____ during the hands-on training.

Taking advantage of both fields, I now have an expanded skillset, including:


If you are looking for an experienced professional with ____ skills, drop me a message.”

●    LinkedIn Summary Template For Job Seekers

If you are a skilled person but are currently unemployed, you can knit your profile bio around your skills and add a clear CTA to get in touch with resourceful persons.

“Owing to my keen interest in ____, I started learning ____skills back in ___. So now I have a diverse skillset for ____ job, including skills like:


I keep learning about new techniques and industry developments to make sure my skills remain relevant and useful. That’s why I can make your ____ project successful using my up-to-date knowledge and the most effective _____ practices.

If you are looking for a skilled ______ to make your _____ project successful, send me a message.”


How to add About section on LinkedIn?

  1. Open LinkedIn profile dashboard and click Add Profile section below your name and headline.
  2. A pop-up with many basic and advanced profile section options appears. Form Core suggestions, select Add about.
  1. The Edit About box will open. Here, you can write LinkedIn summary and add your top 5 skills. Click on Save to publish the section to your profile.

Where is the About section on LinkedIn?

To other visitors, your About section appears either right below your profile picture and headline or just above your experience section.

You can find it under the analytics and resources sections on your profile dashboard.

If you have already added a summary to your profile, you will see this section on your profile dashboard and can edit it from there. But it won’t show up if you haven’t yet added it. In this case, go to the Add Profile section and add the About section to your profile.

How to edit LinkedIn About section?

  1. Click Me and then View Profile to open your profile dashboard.
  2. In the About Section, lick on the Pencil (Edit) icon to make changes to your LinkedIn bio summary.

How many characters in LinkedIn About section?

The LinkedIn bio character limit is as long as 2600 characters.

What is the LinkedIn summary word limit?

There is no word limit for writing LinkedIn about section. You can write as many words as the 2600-character limit allows you to put in.

How to write a LinkedIn summary with no experience

  • Enlist your college activities in the LinkedIn Bio section.
  • Tell how you contributed to a class event and what projects you did on campus as a volunteer.
  • And if you did an internship (even if it was unpaid), it will further spice up your bio.

Do people put resume in About Me section LinkedIn?

Some people copy and paste their resume lines to the LinkedIn About section, but it’s not a recommended practice.

Your LinkedIn bio should be your professional but conversational and semi-casual introduction rather than mere regurgitation of your resume bullets.

Final Words- Writing An Effective LinkedIn Summary

You can achieve tremendous career success by taking advantage of LinkedIn networking and job hunt features if you keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and uniquely optimized. That’s why crafting about me section LinkedIn can take you way ahead in the race.

When job-seeking, a professional LinkedIn bio that describes your skills and personality is a great tool for impressing a recruiter.

Besides job hunting, it’s still worth putting in the effort because it can help you inspire other professionals with your personality and attract new customers for your brand.

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