How to Get Job in Airlines?


Airline companies and their carefully picked and trained competent employees attend to the passenger’s needs and security during their journey.

The work environment in any airport is most of the time super busy and dynamic. Open 24/7, they are loaded up with travelers making a trip to or from their hometowns. 

Airports are oft-times considered as a transportation mode for just those who can spare the price of its tickets – the well-off of in the country. In contrast, airport mediums benefit the economy in:

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  • International trade
  • Tourism
  • Import/ Export

All being the crucial ingredients for monetary development of any nation. “The demand for air travel is expected to twofold by 2034”. Airport Council International (ACI) gauges that it would straightforwardly produce 5.5 million positions and $1.5 trillion of GDP to the world economy, with $4 trillion in additional perks!

Is It Hard to Enter the Airline Industry?

Arrays air transport services for people and luggage – this industry in indeed dear and driven. However, if you’ve got a proper qualification and training; you qualify for the position – getting employment isn’t that arduous.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Work in an Airport?

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What are the requirements for jobs in the airline industry? Everybody has made some awful memories at the airport terminal. The pressing factor of getting things right is massive. So your personality should be well-seasoned in terms of communication, compatibility, punctuality, and team spirit. 

Types of jobs in the airline industry are contrasting and so is the qualification requisite.

List of airport jobs and salaries – perks and requirements of how to get a job in airline industry – vary from country to country and company to company.

List of Airport Jobs and Salary

Airport staff is an indispensable chunk of your air journey – whether they are a part of the management team or advance with you on the plane. Considering that, how about we take a gander at a list of some airport jobs and salaries paid to them; while accentuating some of their crucial responsibilities:

  • Airline Pilot
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Airfield operations specialists
  • Airline Baggage and Cargo Handler

Both regional and international airline organizations have several types of airline jobs for males and females. As the country expands, so does the airline business of a nation.

New employment opportunities unfold themselves depending upon a varying economic flow of the nation and corresponding demand of travelers and freight traffic.

In 2020, airline industry –cargo airlines, airlines with domestic and international routes – valued $686 billion. In 2021 however, resultantly from the pandemic, $776 billion approx.

Airline Pilot

The only job which clicks the mind when someone says, ‘airport jobs,’ right? He/ She is not only responsible for flying the planes – some of his/ her job duties cover:

  • Check the plane’s position, climate conditions, and air traffic routinely during the flight and decide a change of way when required.
  • He/ She double-checks whether or not cargo weight is in the airplane limits.
  • Post landing, they round out reports about the flight and the situation with the airplane.
  • To make sure that the plane makes a safe departure and shielded landing, he is responsible to communicate with the air traffic control team!
  • Before every flight; inspect the radars, engines, navigation systems, etc. of the airplane.
  • Check whether or not the fuel supply is sufficient for the journey.
  • Screen cockpit instruments like speed markers and report any breakdowns.

SALARY: $78,000/ year


  • Pre-conditions vary, some common ones are:
  • Pilot License
  • Communication skills
  • 20/20 vision
  • Fine know-how of Federal Aviation regulations and safety procedures.

In 2020, India and Ireland had the greatest number of female pilots percent aging 12.4% and 10% respectively.

Airfield Operations Specialist


  • Maintains and issues pilot’s and flight group’s data file and flying guidelines.
  • Helps pilots in getting flight plans, measures flight plans, and appearance reports ready for transmission to air traffic control centers and flight centers.
  • In allocating crew and passengers to a specifically scheduled flight, flight operations specialists assist the flight-line personnel.
  • Composes reports, requests, and timetables relating to avionics activities and flying well-being. Keeps up with aeronautics tasks documents and records.
  • They are responsible for maintaining a communication balance between air-traffic controllers and the employees.

SALARY: $50,000/ year


  • Degree in Administrative and Management Position
  • Specialized experience with Airspace systems, flight inspection, and relevant technicalities.
  • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate 
  • FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate

Requirements for all these positions would obviously vary from country to country and company to company!

Air Traffic Controller


  • Assessing, fixing and using radios, phones, PCs maps, reports, radar, and different advances to screen, look over, and adjust to alterations in circumstances – if any.
  • Arranging and investigating information and reports to foster more viable flight schemes and forestall delays.
  • To control arrival times and avert or react to the emergency situations, air traffic controllers keep up with the commercial airline pilots, air traffic control centers, and airport staff members.

Layout information regarding flight routes, climate, wind, possible flight deferrals, and runway closers, and openings.

SALARY: $51,000/ year

Women substantially replaced men in air traffic controller positions and aircraft communications position for the first time in world war 2 – 1940s.


  • Bachelor’s degree relating to air traffic – they study weather, reading charts, aviation, federal regulations, clearances, and airspaces.
  • Task and Time management skills
  • Background, citizenship, physical fitness, age, and similar prerequisites in coherence with the organization’s demands.

Airline Baggage and Cargo Handler


  • Freight handlers see into the safety of cargo/ luggage before it is loaded.
  • Luggage is specified depending upon their destination, freight handlers label the gear for easy spotting.
  • Driving the baggage to the terminals.
  • Resolving luggage issues when/ if they emerge.
  • Strictly obeying the loading limits of airline compartments.

SALARY: $30,000/ year


Requirements on how to get a job in airlines as a baggage and cargo handler:

  • High school certificate/ training/ diploma in related field
  • Capacity to work effectively and inside time imperatives
  • Ownership of a driving permit to drive big trucks
  • Age requirements: mostly 20 and above
  • Able to carry heavy objects
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