Part-time jobs for College Students With no Experience


Regular job-hunting advice does not benefit college students much. Because they cannot accept a full-time position. And most of them don’t have previous work experience.

So, they need entry-level jobs that pay decently and also have flexible work hours.

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To help you find a suitable job, we have compiled a list of 22 entry-level Part-time jobs for college students with no experience, where you can serve part-time.

All jobs require some sort of skills. Sometimes those skills match your hobbies, allowing you to earn money while having fun. But if you do not have such a fancy creative skill, don’t fret because you won’t need super hard technical skills for these jobs.

You can get a pretty decent job with even the basic ones like communication and baseline computer knowledge, etc.

So, here are the top part-time employment options for college students:

22 Best Part-time Work for College Students with Zero Experience

1.     Tutor

Tutoring enables you to turn your academic expertise into a source of income.

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Interpersonal communication, active listening, subject knowledge

Job Responsibilities

As a tutor, you’ll help students to build complex concepts with great clarity. You’ll work one-on-one with students to improve their understanding and confidence on the subject. You just need to revisit what you have learned in the previous semesters and explain it all to the younger students.

Pay and Perks

Tutoring is number one on the list because it provides many side perks besides instant money.

It is an excellent networking opportunity. You can build deeper relationships with other teachers and students. Being a tutor also strengthens your CV and is a huge plus when you apply for higher education in the same subject.

The best part, it is a highly flexible job. You can set up teaching hours according to your schedule and select the subjects to teach.

As for pay, college tutors in the USA usually get $20 per hour for their services.

Tutor Part Time pay per Hrs.
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2.     Social Media Manager

Social media managers are the persons running social media accounts for companies and famous people. Most students nowadays are familiar with apps like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. And that’s the basic requirement for this job.

Help influencers in content creation, uploading, and managing audience responses. In return, they will pay you a good amount.

Communication, storytelling, creativity, content management

Variety of Jobs

Overall, social media management is a broad field. You can work in different sub-categories like marketing strategist, brand advocate, and account manager.

In some roles, you will work for sales improvement and spreading awareness about the brand’s products. In others, you will be responsible for managing the online presence of the business.

Job Description

Social media managers collaborate with content creators to produce engaging posts, videos, and stories. As an SM manager, you’ll also be responsible for publishing and scheduling these posts. Besides that, this job will require you to chat will followers, responding to their comments and messages.

Besides content creation and management, you will also analyze how well the content performed and how to improve it.

All in all, you’ll help businesses connect and build a thriving online community.

Pay and Perks

Social media managers help businesses grow and directly impact sales. That’s why these workers are paid well. However, the pay can vary according to your roles and the client’s budget. Some salaries are fixed, while others earn commissions based on sales.  The average hourly rate in the USA is around $31.

Social Media Manager hourly Salary

3.     Transcriptionist

If you are a good listener, you can earn part-time through transcription. In this job, you will need to convert spoken words to written content without missing out on anything.

You may get audio or video content like interviews, lectures, podcasts, or legal proceedings.

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Active listening, Fast typing speed and accuracy, Grammar, and punctuation

Job Responsibilities

As a dictation specialist, you’ll carefully listen to the provided audio and type it out word-for-word. In doing so, you must ensure that the transcript is precise and error-free.

Pay and Perks

Part-time audio typists are paid between $10 to $30 per hour according to their skills and experience.

 temporary Transcriptionist Make

4.     Customer Service Representative

Good at people management and problem-solving? Try working as a customer service representative like a call center agent, answering service operator, or salesman.

Besides providing you with some cash, these part-time jobs help you build communication skills.

Communication, teamwork, problem solving

Job Responsibilities

As a CS representative, you’ll

  • Answer questions from customers
  • Help them with problems
  • Process orders or requests.

Customer interactions can occur via phone, email, or chat. Your job is to make these interactions pleasant and helpful. Hence, you must have some patience and listen to them carefully.

Pay and Perks

Customer service representatives get a median hourly pay of $18 in the US. However, the learning scope is high in this kind of job.

 short-term customer Service agent make

Over time, this position can develop your communication and hospitality skills. Eventually, you can get an executive role in customer service with a salary of up to $60,000 per year.

5.     Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a fun income source for creative college students. You can find design-related clients on freelance platforms and online job boards. Besides that, you can check with local businesses and get graphic design work over there.

This way you can use your artistic skills to create visual content, helping businesses communicate their message.

Creativity, Attention to detail, Software skills (like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Pixel Pusher, etc), Communication skills

Job Responsibilities

As a part-time graphic designer, you’ll transform ideas into eye-catching designs.

The tasks might include making logos, social media graphics, posters, or website layouts. You’ll collaborate with clients to understand what type of designs they are looking for. In turn, you will become a master at using design software to create visuals.

Plus, your communication skills improve as you negotiate with clients, making sure they’re happy with the final design.

Pay and Perks

Graphic design is a pretty demanding job. And you will get paid well for your creativity. That’s why some graphic designers charge up to $32 for their services. However, the median pay is about $27.

Graphic Designer half-time Per hrs. salary

This opportunity allows you to improve your design skills and gain experience. Thus, you can build a portfolio brimming with real-world design projects. In turn, your part-time hustle can help you become a successful graphic artist in the future.

6.     Search engine Evaluator

Assess websites, refine search algorithms, and ensure users find the answers they crave. Think Internet Explorer with a quality compass.

Assess the relevance of websites, refine algorithms, and ensure users find what they’re looking for

Search engine evaluator positions offer a unique part-time opportunity for college students. The work is flexible and often remote, allowing students to fit in hours around their class schedule.  Since strong research and critical thinking skills are essential, the job can complement academic studies.  Additionally, it provides valuable exposure to the ever-evolving digital landscape and the inner workings of search algorithms, potentially sparking an interest in SEO or web development for future career paths.

Critical thinking, Attention to detail, Familiarity with user intent

Job Responsibilities

This job is just like searching the web for something specific. But instead of just finding the answer, you judge how well the search engine did. You’ll be given different search queries and websites. Your job is to rate how relevant and helpful those websites are to the original search.

 This way you’ll help search engines learn what kind of results people find most helpful.

Pay and Perks

Search engine evaluation can provide you with decent amounts for small tasks. The exact Pay depends on your location and workload. The median salary is around $20 per hour according to ZipRecruiter.

Search engine Evaluator Temp salary

7.     Virtual Assistant (VA)

Virtual assistance is an ideal online jobs for students. That’s because of its inherent flexibility and diverse skillset application.

Busy entrepreneurs hire VAs to lessen their load of administrative duties. You can offer your services to help them with business management and handling things like customer support. Sometimes, businesses also hire assistants to control operations like delivery and audits.

Customer service, email management, bookkeeping

Job Responsibilities

 As a VA, you’ll provide support to busy entrepreneurs managing their eCommerce businesses. The tasks could include

  • Managing their email
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Creating presentations
  • And sometimes, managing their social media accounts. 

The specific duties will depend on your client’s needs and your strengths.  Your primary task is to keep things organized and running smoothly for them.

Pay and Perks

Virtual assistants get paid depending on their job responsibilities. Entry-level, no-experience jobs also pay a decent amount. ZipRecruiter’s stat for the USA shows that the median pay of a part-time VA is about $24 per hour.

Remote work Virtual Assistant (VA) salary

8.     Web Designer

Web design can be a rewarding part-time option for tech-savvy college students. 

You must have some knowledge of design software and user behavior for this job. You can work for local businesses or remote clients, creating user-friendly websites that are easy to navigate.

UI/UX, Basic programming skills, Design theory knowledge

Job Responsibilities

 As a part-time web designer, you might help businesses or individuals design their websites. This could involve:

  • Collaborating with clients, understanding how they want the website to look like
  • Creating mockups and prototypes of website layouts
  • Using design software to build the visual elements of the website
  • Ensuring a user-friendly website layout and that users can easily navigate across different pages
  • Optimizing website for all devices (phones, tablets, computers)

Pay and Perks

Web designers earn handsome amounts even when working part-time. The median pay is $54 per hour and can go as high as $81.97 if you are skilled enough.

Web Designer remote salary hour.

Other benefits include time flexibility and valuable work samples. The flexible schedule allows students to work around classes.

Besides that, the project-based nature of this job provides a chance to build a design portfolio.  Hence, you will not only earn some income on the side but also prepare for your future UX designer career.

9.     Video Editor

Video editing jobs are a rewarding option for college students. You have time flexibility and get paid well. But this work requires good editing skills. You must be familiar with video editing tools and have some hands-on experience using them.

To become a video editor, you’ll need a foundation in editing software and an understanding of visual presentation.

  • Video Editing Software (Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve)
  • Storytelling
  • Attention to Detail

Job Responsibilities

As a video editor, you’ll take unedited footage and photos and turn them into impactful videos. This includes various editing steps like:

  • Trimming and arranging clips
  • Adding transitions and effects
  • Inserting music and sound effects
  • And making sure that everything looks good in the final product

Besides that clients might also ask you to add text or titles to the video.

Pay and Perks

Video editor’s income varies greatly depending on location, experience, and the company itself. However, you make somewhere in the range of $11 to $50 per hour.

Freelance Video Editor make

10.       Audio Editor

Audio editing is another online remote job that can make you good money in part-time. As an audio editor, you can assist podcasters, in editing, mixing, and mastering their episodes.

Singers and bands also need audio editors to optimize their albums. Hence, you can find a job with them as well.

Sound design (audio mixing, editing, and effects creation)

Software knowledge (Audacity, Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, etc.)


Job Responsibilities

The main job is to listen to recordings and use software to make them sound better. This can involve various editing tasks, for example:

  • Removing background noise
  • Correcting errors and sound disruptions
  • Adding sound effects
  • Or adjusting the volume

You’ll also talk to clients to understand what they want and ensure the final audio matches their expectations.

Pay and Perks

Like other technical and creativity-based jobs, sound editing jobs pay according to your skill level. If you are just starting out at audio editing tools, you might get a gig at $8.46 per hour. On the other side, skilled sound editors are paid above $54 per hour.

Audio Editor  Salary working as a freelancer or part time worker

11.       Proofreader

Proofreading offers a student-friendly work environment. You have the flexibility to work from home or your favorite local cafe. Most gigs have a deadline but not fixed working hours. Therefore, you can easily schedule it around your busy class timetable, study sessions, and social commitments.

  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Excellent spelling
  • Strong attention to detail

Job Responsibilities

As a proofreader, you’ll review written documents. Your job is to spot and correct errors such as typos, grammar mistakes, or formatting issues. Overall, you’ll make sure the writing is clear, consistent, and good to go for everyone to read.

Pay and Perks

The pay might not be the top tier, but it’s quite competitive for an entry-level, part-time job. Most proofreaders in the USA earn $28 per hour. Hence, it’s a steady way to earn extra cash for textbooks, rent, or nights out.

Proofreader Part time salary

12.        Sales Associate

Sales associate work suits college students for multiple reasons.  In most cases, you can work in the evening or on weekends when free from your classes.

Also, these roles improve your interpersonal skills and build self-confidence. All in all, a part-time career in sales is a good start to a successful future career in marketing, business development, or even customer service.

Product knowledge

Customer service

Persuasion skills


Job Responsibilities

Sales associates help customers find what they need. Their goal is to provide exceptional service, ensuring every customer feels valued and satisfied. To ensure a great purchase experience for every shopper, they:

  • Greet customers well
  • Answer questions about products
  • Processing payments
  • And keeping the store organized

As a salesperson, you’ll also use cash registers and point-of-sale systems.

Pay And Perks

Sales associates get an average pay of $18 per hour in the USA. However, if you can manage to land a good job in a big store, you can make $32.93 per hour for helping customers in shopping.

Sales Associate part time salary

13.       Affiliate Marketer

If you have a large social media following or an extensive network of friends, you can generate high income through affiliate marketing. All you need to do is share and endorse products from your favorite brands. And when people buy using your unique affiliate link, you will earn commissions every time. This way, you can work remotely and customize your working schedule as per your choice.

Content creation, Social media skills, Communication skills

Job Responsibilities

Affiliate marketers help brands generate sales or leads.  They collaborate with small business owners, enabling them to expand their reach to a wider audience. Oftentimes, students like to promote their favorite brands and get paid in return. You can do affiliate marketing through your:

  • Social media channels
  • Blog
  • Or even just by talking to your friends. 

All in all, it’s about establishing trust and suggesting things you genuinely support.

Pay and Perks

Although earnings may vary, affiliate marketing can offer a profitable income stream. Plus, the digital marketing skills gained are valuable assets for future careers.
On average, affiliate marketers in the USA are making $23 per hour while working part-time.

   Affiliate Marketer Part time salary

The great thing is, your affiliate content can slowly start bringing in passive income for you.

14.        Course Creator

You can also earn by creating an online course on platforms like Skillshare, Kajabi, and Udemy. This way you can share your knowledge about your favorite subject and help others learn.

But the course doesn’t have to be difficult or advanced. Instead, you can teach whatever you are good at. If you have a creative hobby like painting, you can take a course on that as well.

It lets you turn your expertise into something valuable that helps others learn.

  • Subject matter expertise
  • Instructional skills
  • Basic filming and video editing skills

Job Responsibilities

As a course creator, you’ll create online lessons on a subject you know well. It can be one of the courses you study. However, that’s not a must. Overall course creation involves various tasks like:

  • Planning your course:

Brainstorming topics, creating a clear structure, and figuring out how you’ll deliver the information (videos, quizzes, etc.).

  • Filming lessons:

Scriptwriting, recording engaging video lectures or presentations.

  • Developing course materials:

Creating handouts, quizzes, and other resources to support your students’ learning.

  • Promoting your course:

Using social media or other platforms to let people know about your creation.

Pay and Perks

You can set the price for your course, getting a sound payback for your service. Income stats also prove course creators high income, starting at $31.

The best part, the workload will be decreased a lot once your course is ready. After that, it will become a partially passive income source. Still, you will have to dedicate time and energy to marketing your course and providing support to your students. But the main task  (aka. Tutorial making) is already done.

You will engage with the subject material while developing the course. In turn, your own concepts will improve. You will also develop valuable skills like communication and presentation.

15.      English Teacher

You can become a language teacher if your English is good and you love to explain things to others. You can find a direct client whom you teach online via Zoom or Google Classroom. Otherwise, you can look for a job on platforms like ESLcafe, Teach Away, or Preply.

This job lets you share your knowledge and help others improve their English skills, all while earning some extra cash.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Strong grammar and vocabulary
  • Explanatory skills

Job Responsibilities

You will aid students in enhancing their English language skills. They might ask you for help in enhancing their reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities.

If you are teaching younger students, grammar and basic vocabulary are the main focus. Or you can work with adult learners to help them improve business communication in English. The exact tasks will vary based on your students’ age and requirements.

Pay and Perks

English teachers earn decent pay. Typically, you can expect $26 per hour for your teaching services. But as you experience and find better clients, your earnings can go as high as $36.30 per hour.

Average salary of English Teacher

16.      Fitness Instructor

If you are a fitness freak, you can turn this passion into part-time income by coaching at a gym.

Physical skills (workout knowledge, movement patterns, training techniques, etc)

Public speaking

Basic nutrition awareness

Job Responsibilities

As a fitness instructor, you’ll lead group workouts. You can help others with high-energy Zumba, mindful yoga, or strength training (depending on your expertise).  The key is to create fun, effective routines that get people moving and seeing results.

Your tasks can include :

  • Demonstrating exercises to participants
  • And motivating them to reach fitness goals
  • Ensure everyone is working out safely
  • Modifying routines as needed

Pay and Perks

Fitness instructors’ pay has a broader range. Working at a smaller gym or with individual clients provides a lower hourly rate.  On the other hand, high-paying clients or big-name gyms can offer significantly more per hour.

ZipRecruiter reports that part-time fitness instructors in the USA make $11.06 to $45.43 per hour.

25$ average make for part time Fitness Instructor

17.          Hotel Desk Clerk

Hotel desk management is an entry-level consumer service job that you can acquire without prior experience or a degree. Usually, desk clerks work full-time.

Yet, certain hotels and resorts might provide part-time, weekend, and seasonal roles for hotel front desk clerks.

Communication, customer service, organization

Job Responsibilities

These representatives oversee operations at the front desk of hotels and restaurants. These staff members warmly welcome guests, answer questions, and handle reservation needs.

Pay and Perks

Part-time hotel desk clerk salaries also tend to fall on the lower end of the hourly wage range.

   Hotel Desk Clerk make

In the US, expect somewhere in the ballpark of $9 to $18 per hour for part-time positions. Again, this can vary depending on location, experience, and the size and type of hotel (luxury hotels might pay more).

18.        Library Assistant

Campus libraries offer a reliable part-time option. You can work there assisting library staff in managing library affairs. This way you can contribute to literacy initiatives while earning money.

Organizational skills, good communication, A passion for books

Job Responsibilities

As a library assistant, you’ll play a vital role by assisting patrons, managing resources, and keeping the library properly functional. The tasks can include:

  • shelving books
  • checking out materials for patrons
  • answering questions about library resources
  • helping people use computers and printers

Pay and Perks

Like other part-time entry-level roles, library assistant pay also depends on various factors like location, library size, and your experience. Generally, you can expect an hourly pay of anywhere between $8 to $27 as a beginner. Most library assistants in the USA get $19 per hour for their services.

entry level Library Assistant par hrs make

19.      Photo Editor

Picture editing can make you a lot of money. That’s because creators are racing with each other to produce the most charming and unique pictures. And you can cash on this trend with your creative skills.

People often pay huge amounts to Photoshop, Lightroom, and Canva experts to make their photos more vibrant, artistic, and seamless. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter influencers are the common clients for such gigs.

You can also pitch to e-commerce entrepreneurs for picture editing jobs.

Creativity, Software knowledge (Adobe Photoshop, Canva, etc), Detail-oriented approach

Job Responsibilities

Photo editing jobs might involve tasks like:

  • Adjusting lighting and colors
  • Removing unwanted objects
  • Cropping and resizing photos
  • Applying filters and effects

You’ll need a good eye to ensure the edits look natural and enhance the photo without making it seem fake.

Pay and Perks

Earnings depend on your skill level and client. Nonetheless, an average photo editor earns $22 per hour.

Average earning of part time Photo Editor

20.         Photographer

On one side, people need editors to freshen up their photos. But first, they need photographers to capture the good ones. It can be a fun and flexible part-time job for creative college students.

Related Skills

  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • Basic photography knowledge (camera settings, lighting)

Job Responsibilities

Part-time photographers capture photos, edit them, and then deliver them to clients. You will interact with clients to discuss their preferences to ensure good deliveries. There are many photography paths you can take. Here are a few examples:

  • Event Photography:
     Capture special occasions like birthday parties, graduations, or club events.
  • Portrait Photography:
     Take professional-looking portraits for individuals or families.
  • Product Photography:
     Take high-quality product photographs for eCommerce businesses.
  • Stock Photography:
     Sell your photos online to content creators looking for relevant graphics.

Pay and Perks

The income of part-time photographers varies with the gear, skills, and clients. According to ZipRecruiter stats, they make $20 per hour.

Part time Photographer wages

This gig is easy to win if you fulfill the prerequisites. You must own a camera to work as a part-time photographer. You should also know how to adjust angles and capture memorable shots
You don’t need previous work experience. Instead, you can use the random click from your college party, holidays, or a friend’s birthday as a portfolio. (of course, get your friends’ permission first!) 

21.      Receptionist

As a receptionist, you’ll be the one to greet visitors, answer questions, and organize stuff. This role makes up a good part-time option for several reasons. The biggest one is you can often get this job without experience. Also, you won’t any a lot of technical skills for this job.

Communication skills, problem-solving, organization

Job Responsibilities

  •  Welcome visitors and answer their questions in a friendly and helpful way
  • Manage the appointment schedule of all staff members
  • Take phone calls, answer queries, and redirect them to the right person
  • Manage office tasks like filing, sorting mail, or data entry
  • Keep the reception area clean and organized

Pay and Perks

Receptionists earn a decent amount. But you cannot regard the best paying part-time job. On average, part-time receptionists get $17 per hour. If you could secure a job in a large office, you may get an hourly pay of $24.04.

Hourly earning of Receptionist

This job is easy to secure and doesn’t require any technical skills. It also helps you gain valuable skills in customer service. It’s also a flexible job that can often work around your class schedule.

22.      Voiceover Artist

Students who have a clear voice and can adjust their tone can become a voiceover artist. They can make money by narrating audiobooks, eLearning modules, commercials, or voicing video game characters.

  • Clear and expressive voice
  • Acting ability (varying your voice tone)
  • Reading comprehension

Job Responsibilities

Voice-over artists read scripts and use their voices to convey the message in a clear, engaging way. The tone requirements vary according to the project you are working on. For example, narrating an educational video needs a different style than voicing a cartoon character.

Following the director’s guidance, your job is to make the voice captivating and ensure it aligns with the project.

Pay and Perks

According to ZipRecruiter, voiceover artists in the USA make $48 per hour on average.

But the earnings can range anywhere from $5 to $76 depending upon their skill, and client.

Average earning of  Voiceover Artist

How to Find Jobs to Work on the Weekend Part-time?

Networking and online job search are the best methods for seeking part-time jobs. Following are some methods to use these strategies for landing a part-time position:

Filtered Search on Job boards

Online job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and FlexJobs make job searches customizable and easier.  These platforms let you filter searches to show positions that match your availability. They have filters for part-time and weekend jobs, as well as for specific locations, job titles, and industries.

Check the Career Page on the Company Websites

Many companies directly post their open positions on their websites. Check the “Careers” section of your dream companies to discover the latest opportunities.

Job Hunt on Social Media Sites

Companies frequently utilize social media to announce job openings. This provides you with an opportunity to submit your application promptly and get the early-comer advantage in other candidates.

Furthermore, you can explore the company’s culture by actively monitoring its online presence. In turn, you can leverage this information to better customize your CV and cover letter for the job.

Use LinkedIn Networking to Approach Recruiters

Your friends, family, and classmates can help you get a job. Ask if they know of open positions. If they have connections, they might be able to refer you to a recruiter.

Make New Connections at Job Fairs

Job expos and industry networking events give you a chance to meet employers. You can explore various businesses in your field or discover new industries that offer interesting part-time opportunities.

Connect with people on LinkedIn

LinkedIn networking can come in handy for all types of job search. Use this platform to build your network with industry professionals. You can catch the recruiter’s attention with the #OpenToWork frame.

Also, indicate that you are looking for a job in your profile headline or a recent post to get noticed by potential employers.

Important Note:

Remember, the key to finding the perfect part-time gig lies in aligning your interests, skills, and academic commitments. So, step outside the expected, embrace your unique skillset, and explore the exciting possibilities that await beyond the traditional job board.

FAQs: Part-time Jobs for Inexperienced College Students

What is a Part-time Job Salary?

Salaries for part-time roles vary from job to job. Besides the nature of the job, several other factors contribute to the income. For example, your location, working hours, client, and experience.

How Does a Part-time Job Differ from a full-time Job?

Part-time and full-time positions differ primarily in the number of hours worked per week.  Full-time employees typically put in longer hours, working 35-40 hours a week, while part-time workers usually work less than 30 hours weekly.

What’s the Typical Range of Hours for Part-time Jobs?

Part-time workers typically work under 30 hours a week. These hours can be fixed for some jobs like receptionist or library assistant. While they may vary for creative jobs like video editing, voiceover, or blogging.

Take Away: Part-time Jobs for College Students with No Previous Experience

Dozens of zero-experience, part-time positions are available where college boys and girls can work.

You can try different remote and on-site opportunities to see which one works best for you. Also, you don’t need to have an excellent skillset for these jobs.

If you have got skills, that’s great. But even if you don’t, you can still opt for some of these jobs and polish yourself along the way.

All in all, it’s all a hit and trial. Hence, you must keep trying on different opportunities. Besides improving your technical skills, you must also upscale your job acquisition abilities. 

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