5 Steps How to Write a Great Recommendation on LinkedIn


A LinkedIn recommendation is an act of endorsing someone or expressing your opinion. You emphasize the traits that make the referral candidates successful in their endeavors. Plus, these professional references show recommended person worth to the hiring professionals.

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But many people lack the skills to pen down the right one. Stay with us if you want to learn how to write a great LinkedIn recommendation. No doubt, It’s challenging to write a specific, concise, genuine, and talent-oriented proposal. 

Are you invited to write an endorsement for someone? Don’t wait. Put your pen to paper. Follow these simple steps for writing an excellent LinkedIn recommendation.

5 Steps for Writing a Great LinkedIn Recommendation

When you receive a recommendation from a person, you may feel motivated and want to return the favor. The easiest way is to write a glowing proposal for your privileged ones.

Remember, your words can serve as a roller coaster to boost the professional career of your loved ones. Here are five quick wins that boost your LinkedIn recommendation

Grab the Audience’s Attention with a Hooking Statement 

Always make a strong first impression. It’s a guarantee that people will read your advice. A catchy line generates reader curiosity, and it will be harder for them to ignore your suggestions. The goal here is to naturally accentuate the recipient’s good aspects rather than making them sound ideal. 

Use a powerful statement that highlights a person’s distinctive quality. For Example, it’s hard to find a person like Joseph that owns brilliance with outstanding talent. 

Surprisingly, this starter string will promote the professional importance of your recommended person. People will automatically think that your recommended person is fabulous.

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Explain the Nature of Your Relationship 

Keep in mind that LinkedIn recommendations aren’t just for boss-employee connections. You can add one for your teammate, a manager in a different division, and a mentor on LinkedIn. Additionally, the context reveals what establishes you as a reliable source for the submission.

Therefore, providing context is crucial to stop others from misinterpreting your professional relationship with the recipient. For instance, Joseph is a symbol of victory for our firm, as he always hits success through hard work. As a team member, he is incredible. 

Share What is So Special About this Personality

This is the central section of your recommendation. Here you discuss the person’s unique qualities. Consider their advantages and what sets them apart from the crowd. No doubt that you have high regard for the person’s professional abilities when you give a reference. 

You don’t have to include a complete list of their abilities. Just mention 2 or 3 specifying traits and provide evidence to back up your claims. You can accomplish it by outlining how the individual has impressed you.

This way, you will be able to praise the receiver more credibly and convincingly. Recruiters will catch a clear image from your remarks. For example, Joseph manages extreme workloads efficiently, as he has a competent personality. Thus, he has a central role in our company’s success.

Spice Up Your Recommendation with  a Personal Touch

You can add some crisps to your proposal at this point. A good worker is more than just a machine that enlightens the workplace. Recruiters seek employees that create value in the workplace atmosphere. And are typically lovely to be around.

Candidates that are not competitive but pleasant dealing with team members are ideal. Therefore, if you have any information about what it’s like to work with this person, please share it. As you can say, Joseph has the potential to perform well in collaboration with team members. Everyone feels comfortable working with him because of his friendly and calm nature.

End with a Conclusive Statement

It’s time to complete the process now. You made a good first impression, built a report, shared knockout traits, and emphasized their special abilities. Therefore, be careful to tie everything together by offering a specific commendation.

‍ You also have the option of making it particular to a position or keeping it general. Finally, mention your expectations about the recommended person’s career or a future prediction. Conclusively, your commendation is like a brief sales pitch that can help someone land a job

Now is the moment for the call to action, which appropriately directs the decision-maker. For Example, you can write Joseph is like my right hand. He solidifies the foundation of any firm that owns him as an employee.

After learning tips, we will discuss the importance of LinkedIn recommendations.

Importance of LinkedIn Recommendation

Apart from appreciation, there are various other reasons to state a recommendation. Of Course, you are helping a person grow professionally on social media platforms. It promotes his positive worth. Also, it will help you in the long run during your career.

Statistics show that 52 million people use LinkedIn for job searches weekly. And 8 people get a job every second via LinkedIn. The more positive LinkedIn commendations on your profile, the more chances you have to excel in your career

Below we mention aspects of LinkedIn recommendations that convince you about their worth.

Establish Your Trustworthiness to Employers

When someone claims to be the “good man” at work, it’s one thing. When someone else makes the same claim about them, it’s quite another. After all, most people will present a positive image of themselves during a job interview. If you have a positive endorsement, you can win employer trust.

You can aid these individuals once you have mastered the recommendation writing process. References assist in starting personal branding as well. People can tell you are willing to put your reputation at stake by writing references for them. For both of you, this speaks favorably. 

LinkedIn Recommendations Enhance Your Profile Visibility to Recruiters

LinkedIn recommendations enhance your profile’s validity and personalization in the first place. That makes it easier for recruiters to verify that your profile is genuine. More importantly, these written blurbs indicate a person’s qualifications for the job. 

Consider them as a reference that is simple to follow. Endorsements might come from coworkers, superiors, and former clients. Possessing commendations might make a difference in whether you receive a call about an opportunity. 

A recommendation-filled profile might get more attention from recruiters than the other competitors

LinkedIn Recommendations are Proof of Your Professional Capabilities

The advantages of LinkedIn recommendations include their visibility to anybody viewing your profile. The best aspect is that recruiters have access to the recommender profile. As a result, any potential employer, recruiter, or hiring manager only needs to click and browse your recommender profile. 

They can also contact the recommender and inquire further about their thoughts on the applicant. Thus, recruiters get clear-cut proof of your professional competence. It improves your profile SEO and raises your chances of getting the job.

We hope the above points clarify why you need a professional commendation. Scroll down to hit the best ways of requesting a LinkedIn recommendation.

Best Way to Request a LinkedIn Recommendation

Sending messages to get endorsements is a tough job. Based on our experience, we present tried-and-true advice for crafting the ideal LinkedIn recommendation request.

  • Keep your message short and professional 
  • Highlight your worth and the skills you want in enjoinder
  • Try to be genuine 
  • Clearly state your job-searching intention 
  • Offer of writing a recommendation in return 

You can also use LinkedIn InMail templates to request a recommendation. For example, if you need a recommendation for a job, choose the best LinkedIn InMail template for job seekers. Fill out your details in the template.

Request the recommender to fill out the template, and it’s ready for you. If you choose a suitable template, we assure you success in your endeavor.

LinkedIn Recommendation Templates 

Here are some excellent LinkedIn endorsement templates. You can customize them to create a strong one that casts a compelling effect.

Template # 1: For a Coworker 

(——) can be a valuable asset for any firm. Throughout my professional career, I’ve collaborated frequently with other workers. But working with (——) was a unique experience. We collaborated on a few projects, and each one was fantastic.

(—–) was one of my first coworkers and helped me through my early days. With his assistance, I understood the organization’s operations clearly. He is exceptionally adaptable to changes in workplace culture. 

He has an inventive mind and a creative attitude. (—–) was also able to speak with the clients confidently. It would be great to collaborate with him again. I appreciate your assistance and wish you continued success.

Best Wishes, 


Template # 2: For a Manager or Supervisor 

It gives me great pleasure to suggest (——–) names as an employee at your firm. I watched his progress as a curious and devoted employee throughout the two years. I served under his management at (Company Name).

I am sure he will benefit your business.

Plus, he has exceptional empathy for the other team members. Moreover, he was always ready to face challenges head-on. 

(——–) constantly broke departmental records and set our teams up for the growth of 20% greater than anticipated. I voluntarily recommend that, along with his professional accomplishments, he is a lovely man overall.

Best Wishes,


Template # 3: For a Mentor or Teacher 

Sir (——–) owns my highest recommendation. He collaborated with me as a teacher for four years at Convent College. He was my (subject) teacher.

Sir (——–) was always a hot favorite as a teacher among students and colleagues. He had excellent subject knowledge and delivery skills throughout the four years he stayed with us.

I’ve always placed a high value on enthusiasm in our teachers, and Sir (——) has never let me down. An instance of this was when he prepared us for final year exams.

Don’t hesitate to hit me if you have any additional questions.



Template # 4: For a Client or Boss

Mr. (——) Boss Name / Client Name has excellent skills for managing market trade-offs. There was nothing he couldn’t fix because he was always incredibly patient and focused.

He is also really nice and easy to collaborate with. That’s why we share a strong relationship.

He let me come up with ideas and supported my decisions. He was a terrific boss. He was very professional and thought-provoking. Mr. (——–) is the most analytical person in my professional circle.

He always responds quickly, is clever, and finds original answers to challenging issues. It was easy and motivational to work with him. He was constantly accessible when needed and was willing to impart his market expertise.

Again, I’d be happy to work with Mr. (——-).



In a Nutshell

LinkedIn recommendations provide a complete picture of your work style, interests, and talents. Also, it indicates your potential skills and strengths. Moreover, commendations make it simpler for opportunities to locate you. 

If you are a job seeker, be bold and approach someone for an endorsement. You can win the competition by positive recommendations on your profile. A strong reference gives employers a clear idea of what you can contribute to their success. Don’t be late. Start your leading journey today.







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